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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

What Doesn’t Play in Peoria?

Posted by on November 16 at 6:30 AM

I played, and pretty well I think. Nice crowd, and thanks to Common Gound, “Bradley University’s GLBTISA, the gay/lesbian/bi/trans/intersexed/straight alliance group that brought me in.

Now I’m at Peoria’s airport, waiting for my flight, and it’s snowing. The airport has free wi-fi, which is awesome, and I’ve been crusing through my usual websites—Kos, Andrew Sullivan, Americablog, NR’s The Corner. But when I tried to surf into, a male escort review website that’s updated daily, I was blocked!

I loves my gay hooker reviews! How dare Peoria deny me my fix! The reviews at M4ME are freaking addictive, frequently well-written, but what I really love is when an escort gets a bad review and then responds. There’s nothing quite so… raw… as a conflict between a disappointed client and a defensive escort. The conflicts are usually about looks—the escort doesn’t look like his pics; sometimes an escort’s pics are old and outdated, sometimes an escort uses someone else’s pics entirely—but sometimes it’s much more interesting. The escort wouldn’t kiss, and he said he would. The escort talked the whole time about his violin lessons. The escort said he was 10” but he couldn’t have been more than 6”.

The escorts give as good as they get—gasp in horror as an escorts details just why he didn’t kiss an angry client (green loose teeth), why another didn’t get up to their full 10” (the client’s ass was dirty), and why that one with the violin wouldn’t shut up about it (he’s a concert-level violinist, that’s why!).

Anyway, it’s good reading. I’d like to read some now, but Peoria won’t let me. Bastards!