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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Sotelo Challenges… Soundgarden?

Posted by on November 24 at 11:00 AM

Washblog continues its stellar coverage of the Lori Sotelo challenge hearings with a recounting of Soundgarden lead guitarist Kim Thayil’s appearance at the Wednesday hearing. It seems Thayil was probably illegally registered to vote at a P.O. box (to protect his privacy as a rock star), but it led to yet another interesting exchange between a challenged voter, the canvassing board, and Sotelo. (Washblog’s permalinks aren’t working so you’ll have to scroll down past the long “Big Brother” post to read this — it’s the post right after.)


Thayil: “I am concerned about people in my situation people in bands, the entertainment industry, etc. When I was out touring constantly, I didn’t keep any fixed address, but Seattle was always my home. It is also important for me to maintain my privacy and security and to have a fixed permanent mailing address. A PO Box is the best way to do this.

“Soundgarden was a big band in the late 80s and early to mid 90s. We sold millions of records, appeared on MTV and local television I personally was a regular on the local comedy show Almost Live we won Grammys, were on magazine covers, etc. I’m not sure if any of you know anything about Soundgarden…”

At this point Dan Satterberg speaks up: “I’ve bought many of your albums. Unfortunately Mr. Thayil, our current ability to keep voter registrations confidential applies only to victims of domestic violence. It seems as if you either have to not vote, or let everyone know where you sleep at night.”

(Confidential to Dave Meinert: Here’s an issue for you. Looks like Thayil was illegally registered, but also seems like a rock star should be able to protect his privacy, no?)

A ruling on the challenges that were challenged at the recent challenge hearings (try saying that with a mouth full of turkey) is coming Monday. Meanwhile, that petition we linked to yesterday on the Slog is gathering signatures fast. Click here to tell King County Prosecutor Norm Maleng that Sotelo should be charged with perjury.