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Friday, November 4, 2005

Re: God as… Tinkerbell?

Posted by on November 4 at 14:39 PM

The really great thing about that NY Times article, which is available here, is it reveals some incipient hairline cracks in the intelligent design movement. Until now, the movement—from sneaky little pronouncements by Catholic cardinals to the peppy press release (and correction to that press release) that arrived in my inbox yesterday—has been intensely orchestrated by Seattle’s own Discovery Institute. The Discovery folks are strict about keeping religion out of the picture, pushing carefully vetted PhD spokespeople in fields like chemistry and physics (very rarely do they get a biologist), etc. But now?

Here’s what the Discovery Institute has to say about that upstart, lawsuit-bait school board in Dover: “‘The school district never consulted us and did the exact opposite of what we suggested,’ said John G. West, a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute, an organization in the forefront of the intelligent design movement. ‘Frankly I don’t even know if school board members know what intelligent design is. They and their supporters are trying to hijack intelligent design for their own purposes. They think they’re sending signals in the culture wars.’”

Let the infighting commence! And let the Republicans in Congress show thee the way!