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Monday, November 21, 2005

Call for Submissions: Regrets!

Posted by on November 21 at 11:11 AM

Dear Stranger readers:

The end of 2005 is fast approaching, and once again The Stranger will ring out the year with our annual Regrets issue, a rue-soaked compendium of compunction collecting all things qualm-worthy, from regrettable sex, entrées, and art events, to real-time crimes and misdemeanors.

Some history: For our first Regrets issue, we restricted submissions to our own staff; the following year, we also solicited regrets from cherry-picked rock stars, politicians, and other local notables. And this yearfor our deeply regrettable third Regrets issuewe’re blowing the bastard wide open. We want the regrets of anyone who’s got ‘emand that means YOU.

We want to hear about all your greatest regrets of 2005, from the phone calls you failed to return to that family of six you accidentally murdered. The best of these will appear in our year-ending, furiously anticipated Regrets issueso start your soul-searching, rustle up your regrets, and send ‘em to by December 15.