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Thursday, November 3, 2005

Back by Popular Demand

Posted by on November 3 at 12:25 PM

I’m with Dan on feeling burned by the anti-climax of last week’s single indictment. Is it too much to ask that our government officials and our special prosecutor create the dramatic moments in this case with a bit more thought to those of us watching at home? Sheesh. If the CIA leak investigation ever becomes a big enough deal to be made into a movie, ala “All the President’s Men,” this interminable waiting period between the mini-climax of the Libby indictment and the mega-climax of the increasingly probable (according to the speculators) Rove indictment will be cut down to about two seconds. But until the movie is made, we will have to make due with…


* And what better way to kick off the return of speculation than with a picture of John Bolton:


Yes, as many have long speculated, the man in the moustache is linked to Plame-gate, at least according to Raw Story. Now, I have to say: Until Today in Speculation was brought back by popular demand (or, perhaps, by editor demand… And what really is the difference anyway? And isn’t Plame-gate, in one respect, all about the interesting way in which reporters and editors both reflect and create popular demand?) … Anyway, until Today in Speculation was brought back, I had made a vow not to read Raw Story this week, because I blamed Raw Story’s pre-indictment hype for my post-indictment let-down. But as a sign of my devotion to speculation, I’ve now skimmed today’s piece, and must admit that if you want to be up on the latest in speculation, it is a must-read.

* As Dan noted, all speculators should also read The Washington Post today.

* And they should read this Newsweek piece about Rove potentially losing his security clearance.

* And then for those who want to enter the seductive world of Niger forgeries speculation, today’s Talking Points Memo is awash in talk of Hadley and SISMI and so on. Oh my!