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Sunday, November 6, 2005

Audio Slog

Posted by on November 6 at 9:26 AM

Earlier this year I wrote a long piece for The Stranger about a rather grisly gay-bashing. To read the piece click here, and for the follow-up stories click here and here.

It took me months to complete the whole project, and in the end I was left with hours of digital audio recordings of my interviews with the victim, Micah Painter, and other people involved in the case. This weekend I finally learned how to edit audio on my computer, which makes it easy to, for example, post a clip of Micah recounting the moments before he was stabbed by his attackers. To listen to an MP3 of this, click here.

I’m just learning how to use Audacity, so let me know if the levels are off, and sorry the clip is so short I’ll try to figure out how to post longer MP3s on the Slog, and then perhaps we can listen to an audio version of Micah’s story over a few Slog installments.