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Thursday, November 17, 2005

And the Durandy Goes On…

Posted by on November 17 at 14:47 PM

Durandy is kicking off a public campaign to put his next big Duran Duran memoribilia exhibit in the Northwest. Check out his plea below if you’re a big DD fan.

Well, I have really done it this time. Yesterday on the latest Wild Boy Wednesday on 107.7, I officially kicked off the first step in a big campaign to put on my next public Duran Duran poster exhibition in the Northwest. You can hear it on the mp3 recording of the broadcast if you’d like- almost all the mp3s are up on my site now.

Basically, I have set up a petition on my website: I am inviting people who like the idea of a Duran Duran poster exhibition to visit my site, click on 'Exhibition', and just submit their first and last names on the petition form (email address is optional). This list of names will eventually be compiled as part of an official proposal to a venue in Seattle. The sole purpose is to show proof of a 'public interest' in a Duran Duran exhibit. Thank you so very much for your time as always. Sincerely yours forever, Durandy