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Monday, October 17, 2005

Barjacking: Coming soon to a bar near you

Posted by on October 17 at 11:11 AM

This just in from Dirty Bunny, ringleader of Seattle’s Guerrilla Masquerade events:

What do you get when you take the Guerrilla bar take-over concept to the next level? Barjacking.
Legend has it that a group of 150 or so folks in Portland planned a complete bar takeover for 2 months, mapping out the bar with CAD drawings, tracking the staff schedules, determining where all the electrical sockets were, and organizing DJs who could set up in a matter of minutes. When the night came, the first 75 people swarmed the bar and blocked the view of the one bartender. The next 50 cleared every seat and table and moved it to the side. The final 25 set up the decks and started pumping the beats. The bartender was freaked out and called the owner down. The owner, as you might imagine, was overjoyed to have his bar (and cash register) full. At the end of the night, they left and never did it again.

A group here in Seattle is starting the organization process to make a Barjacking happen here in the coming months. They already have DJs and CAD drafters on board, but need a lot more interested people to make this happen. To get involved, send a blank e-mail to or go to