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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Real Gas Crisis

Posted by on August 23 at 11:31 AM

While we bitch and moan about climbing petrol prices in the US, the severe fuel shortage in Zimbabwe, which can be blamed on the president of that country, has not only brought that part of the world to a standstill but is responsible for terrible incidents like this:

AN Epworth woman and her five-year-old child were burnt beyond recognition after cans of petrol they kept indoors for resale exploded at the weekend. Harare police spokesman Inspector Loveless Rupere yesterday confirmed the incident saying there were indications that petrol was being kept inside the house in the Makomo area of Epworth. “The two died in a huge blaze which was caused by the fuel which was kept inside their house. Fuel is dangerous and must not be kept inside homes,” he said. Names of the deceased have not been disclosed as their next of kin are still to be informed.