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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Island of the Future

Posted by on July 27 at 15:47 PM

It’s too bad more people aren’t going to see Michael Bay’s The Island. Not because it’s good. Oh my lord, no. It’s ass-out ‘orrible (despite the raging foxiness of its two stars and the supporting presence of Pete from Benson). NO. The reason it’s a pity is because if more people saw it, more people would be inspired by the sight (supposedly only 14 years into the future, in 2019) of monorails that fly on weightless paths, miles above the city streets and Amtrak trains that hover above their tracks while rocketing at supersonic speeds between Arizona and L.A. I feel that the time has come to demand not only a monorail, but a magical flying monorail. We’re about as likely to get one as we are the other, so why not insist on one that flies?