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Monday, July 11, 2005

Shameless Lawyer, Stunning Ad

Posted by on July 11 at 14:30 PM

My ridiculous ability to be outraged by television commercials shows no sign of abating, as evidenced by the new ad from local lawyer J. Michael Gallagher. (A cynical TV commercial? From a lawyer? I KNOW!)

In his latest ad, Gallagherwhose key legal focus is post-divorce Family Lawstands on the steps of the downtown Seattle federal courthouse, recently the site where permanently disgruntled divorced father Perry Manley was shot dead by Seattle police after marching around the courthouse brandishing a dud grenade.

I can’t quote verbatim, but the unequivocal gist of Gallagher’s speech is don’t let what happened to Perry Manley happen to you, with Gallagher offering his skills at child-support negotiation as a tonic to getting shot by cops.

Unfortunately, this new ad is not one of the many available on J. Michael Gallagher’s website. But if you’d like a taste of Gallagher’s amazing schitck, go here and watch the ad “Gallagher’s GalsPart Deux”.

For the record, Gallagher does seem devoted to helping divorced dads navigate the sometimes treacherous world of Washington State child support. But do you really want a Family Law attorney who’s also the author of the (self-published) book, She Is Not Your FriendA Man’s Guide To Understanding Women? Or airs commercials like these?