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Saturday, July 30, 2005

He’s Pro-Cloning, and He Votes

Posted by on July 30 at 11:19 AM

Come on folks, yesterday’s announcement by Sen. Frist was huge. Let’s give the guy some props. I don’t care if he is a bad guy Republican or if he’s nakedly maneuvering for a Presidential run. He just completely changed the public debatemaking stem cell research legitimate. Even though two-thirds of Americans already support expanding stem cell research, the conservatives have been able to hold the issue hostage. Like it or not, Democrats don’t have the “moral” legitimacy to control the conversation or dictate terms on stuff like this.

But thanks to Frist, the zeitgeist has suddenly shifted. This is huge! Plus: There are some nice political side effects. First, Sen. Frist has put Bush in the awkward position of having to veto the bill. With the Bush administration increasingly embattled and unpopular, a veto is gonna look desperate and bad. Second, Frist’s announcement riled the Mullah Dobson crowd. Now, their bitter threats (finally) (and suddenly) sound like the loony sputterings from the fringe that they’ve always been.

I posted about the groovy political potential for this last Saturday, and now it's come true like gang busters!