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Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Paul Mooney

Posted by on June 8 at 10:12 AM

I’m obsessed with the second season of Chappelle’s Show (which apparently a sizeable chunk of America is because it was the best-sellig dvd last week). While his sketches of Lil’ Jon, Rick James, and Prince are hilarious, nothing matches the scathing brilliance of Paul Mooney. He was featured in the first season in a segment called Ask a Black Man, which was so funny and mean it actually made me cry. (They also did a one-off with Mario Cantone doing Ask a Gay Guy, which was wretchedly unfunny). This season Mooney appears as Negrodamus dishing out deadpan racial rage to stupid questions asked by a staged audience. (Sample: “What did Michael Jackson do wrong?” “Michael Jackson shouldn’t have been a singer. He should have been a priest. Then he would have just been transferred.”) Someone give this man his own goddamn show.