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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What to Do on Halloween!

posted by on October 29 at 2:18 PM


Katy writes:

Dear Editor,

I love the SLOG, and read it all day when I'm at work (don't tell my boss). Your election coverage has been fantastic, thank you!

I was wondering, however, if you were going to include any Halloween Events in the SLOG this week? My friends and I are looking to go out and have a good time, but haven't heard about any cool goings-on. There's got to be SOMETHING good happening SOMEWHERE, right? Halloween on a Friday night?!? Good costume parties? Haunted houses? Places handing out good candy? ANYTHING?

Do you have this somewhere and I just missed it?


Dear Katy,

Your wish is truly Slog's command! Here's a list of (almost) every goddamn H-ween happening in the city (which is also in the paper-paper this week for your mid-Friday-night-non-internet-abled marauding ease). BONUS! Lindy West's H-Ween film recommendations!

You're welcome!

P.S. I forgot: Georgetown and its Haunted Brew House Tour! SPOOKY!

Photo by Kelly O

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Seattle's Own Hooverville

posted by on September 25 at 3:25 PM


In the wake of John McCain saying that "the fundamentals of our economy are still strong" and all the world pointing out that Herbert Hoover said nearly the same thing on Black Thursday in 1929, Bar Exam went to Seattle's own Hooverville-the-bar this week. Found all around Hooverville-the-bar (which has $10 pitchers of Rainier and free peanuts): evidence of Seattle's burgeoning homeless problem (which is looking to have increased a lot more than 15 percent over the last few months). The shabby camper-encampment under the West Seattle Bridge seemed especially sad until I came across the shelter for men 50 and older.

Now we've got our own official non-bar Hooverville: Nickelsville. Here's a little more in the P-I. The homeless living in the pink tents in South Seattle are being evicted by the city at 5 p.m. today. More from Nickelsville after the jump.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Crocodile Hires Eli Anderson as Talent Buyer, Roy Atizado as Director of Live Entertainment

posted by on September 24 at 1:40 PM

Crocodile PR spokeswoman Kerri Harrop:

Before the rumor mill starts going bananas, I just want to give you all a heads up and let you know that Eli Anderson has been hired as the Talent Buyer for the club, and Roy Atizado has been hired as Director of Live Entertainment.

To read the entire press release, go to Line Out.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tomorrow Is Talk Like a Pirate Day

posted by on September 18 at 3:22 PM

...a day on which you may choose to talk like a pirate. I do not fully understand this phenomenon, but the sailors with whom I am acquainted say that in Seattle, the best place to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day is the Jolly Roger Taproom in Ballard (where they're said to serve extremely delicious mini oyster poorboys).

Some notes from a friend who is actually excited about Talk Like a Pirate Day:

On this special day I recommend Angostura rum: It has a particularly smokey flavor, an acquired taste, not unlike the smell of sieged and burning frigates. Anti-pirates might choose Goslings, choice of the British Navy.

Note: Pirate hooks are available at corner store across from Walgreens on 15th! $2.99, a steal!

Here is a fairly amusing quiz that will determine your pirate name. Best question:

Buckle your swash often?

1. I am quite the buckler-of-swashes.

2. I have no need of swashes, buckled or un-.

3. That sounds dirty.

My results:

My pirate name is:
Black Jenny Read
Like anyone confronted with the harshness of robbery on the high seas, you can be pessimistic at times. Even through many pirates have a reputation for not being the brightest souls on earth, you defy the sterotypes. You've got taste and education. Arr!
Get your own pirate name from
part of the network

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Havana Movie Night Finale: Superbad

posted by on September 2 at 6:36 PM

Tonight being the finale of this dicey summer's Movie Nights at Havana, things are going out proper-style, with a viewing of the hilarious teen comedy Superbad. It stars the excellent Michael Cera, and it all happens at dusk, that is, if the weather holds out.

Cognac, Veal, and Cigars

posted by on September 2 at 2:18 PM

Thank you, David Kiley. If you hadn't been invited to the Republican cognac-and-cigar party last night, I never would've gotten in the door.

(And thank you, chipper door lady. I never thought I'd be able to sneak past you. But when I said "Kiley," you helpfully offered: "David?" I smoked a cigar in your honor.)

Inside, delegates, politicos, and their wives drank beer (the favorite: Corona), cocktails, and gallons of expensive cognac and single-malt scotch. Wine was anathema.

Pretty young women in black party dresses circulated with boxes of cigars (from Rocky Patel—which, according to a young cigar-smoker in the obligatory red tie, gets some of its tobacco from Cuba). Veal meatballs, sliced filet mignon, and shrimp glistened in the dim light.

The bar, Solera, was four stories of short haircuts, smugness, and misinformation: about the protests that day ("their stated objective was to kill a cop"), about the significance of the Palin-baby story ("only liberal bloggers are writing about it"), about their own attractiveness ("last night, every 18–25 year-old-girl in Minneapolis was here; it was one step short of a rave").

Weirdly, there were Republican Stranger fans in the house—Shane Osborn, state treasurer of Nebraska and his wife Teri, who lived for awhile on Bainbridge Island, got all effusive and happy about it: "I Saw U!" Teri squealed. "I just love good satire," Shane added. "You have to be able to have a sense of humor about things."

Osborn (a former Navy pilot, briefly imprisoned in China after his plane had a mid-air collision with a Chinese plane) was the gentlest soul at the party. "You really ought to visit Omaha sometime," he said. "I think you'll be pleasantly surprised."

Less gentle: One slightly slurry delegate from Alabama who, during a conversation with me about the South, said, "It's like I always tell my daughters: if you see a nigger driving a limo, he isn't necessarily a drug dealer—he might be a chauffeur! And that's progress." (He then launched into a paean for his black taekwondo instructor. "He's my master," the delegate grinned. "Isn't that funny?")

Ryan, Bryan, and Tony, three ebullient young gentlemen at a back table on the cigar-smoking deck, complained about Kofi Annan ("he flies in the UN flag above the US flag") and Al Franken. The triumvirate work for Norm Coleman, who is running against Franken for Senate. "Franken seems like an asshole," one of them said.

I asked whether Palin was going to become the Tom Eagleton of the 2008 race. They blinked.

"You know, Eagleton," I said. "The guy who didn't tell McGovern about his shock therapy." They blinked some more.

"I'll have another cocktail and then maybe two beers and then let's roll," a man at a nearby table said to his friend. "Hey, you seen Crawford?"

"I think he's in the bathroom," the friend said. "Probably hugging the toilet."

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Movie Night at Havana: The Warriors

posted by on August 26 at 6:40 PM

So the last few Tuesday Movie Nights at Havana have been moved or cancelled do to the total Crapfest that replaced our August. It would be blasphemy, though, to let a few luminous clouds scare off a viewing of The Warriors. As such, the thing goes down tonight, as scheduled, whenever the sun goes down (Your guess is as good as mine). So buck up, bring a blanket, and do The Warriors proud. C'mon, would they be scared?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Best Thing That Happened to Me All Week

posted by on August 16 at 9:58 AM

Last night, just before 11 pm, I was walking past the police station at 12th and Pine. As I passed the entrance, a man in a head-to-toe Carmen Miranda costume (complete with towering fruit turban) came storming out.

He looked at me and shouted, "THEY WOULDN'T READ ME MY CARMEN MIRANDA RIGHTS!"

I love a man who can really commit to a pun.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wanna Buy a Fur-Lined Speedboat?

posted by on August 13 at 2:34 PM

Although Club Lagoon is no longer with us, its ghost still haunts Capitol Hill.


The Lamborghini that sits precariously perched above what was once a tacky Crockett-and-Tubbs-themed club could soon have a new owner.

According to a post on Craigslist, the club's space is up for lease.

Prime Capitol Hill location! Beautifully built out slab granite bar; private ADA compliant bathroom; kitchen equipment in place, elevator, parking on site. 4,000 Square Feet net rentable. Asking $32.00 p.s.f. annual rent including CAM.

The ad does not indicate whether the new buyer will inherit Club Lagoon's rooftop Lamborghini or fur-lined speedboat.

What else does Capitol Hill need these days? Another club?

Maybe the Castle Adult Megastore will expand upwards. Bethany Jean Clement reports that the bathrooms have great peep-show potential.

Photo by Brappy via Flickr

Monday, August 4, 2008

No More Crocodile Tears!

posted by on August 4 at 12:31 PM

Nine months after the Crocodile Cafe's unexpected closure, it appears the venue may have a new owner.

Marcus Charles—current owner of the Juju Lounge, and formerly involved with Neumos and Spitfire, among other venues—has applied for a new liquor license for the Crocodile Cafe, which closed in December.

More coming.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Slog Happy This Thursday!

posted by on July 7 at 11:47 AM

Put it on your calendar: Slog happy hour Thursday, July 10, 6 pm. Extra special sun-drenched location to be announced later today.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Being Gay Is a Choice

posted by on June 30 at 3:52 PM

Well, for club nights.


It looks like last week's just-this-once, just-for-pride big gay installment of STUDIO, the weekly disco night at Havana, was such a success that the boys behind STUDIO have decided to make the switch permanently.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Studio at Havana

posted by on June 25 at 3:28 PM

Looking for something fun to do tonight after Everything but the Kitchen Sink Cabaret? Head up to Havana for...

STUDIO at Havana has a regular following of devoted Disco, Italo, Cosmic and Mustache Groove fans. Every Wednesday night punks, bike messengers and skaters join Disco Enthusiasts and crowd onto Havana's small dance floor to move and sweat while STUDIO's resident DJs—American Athlete and H.M.A.—spin vintage vinyl along with guests.

STUDIO is Seattle’s only real disco night and STUDIO is STRAIGHT. Mostly. But tonight the boys behind the night are hosting a very special Gay-ass Disco Night to mark Gay Pride Week. Sponsored by the Stranger with give-aways from Boy Butter Lube.

I'm posting this under Nightlife and Conflict of Interest because I happen to be sleeping with one of the guys that will be DJing tonight. Go and see if you can guess which.


Friday, June 20, 2008

Tonight in Gay

posted by on June 20 at 11:36 AM

The music will be amazing, the location a Capitol Hill classic. Think Emerald City Soul Club but gay.
I'll see you there...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pinball and Clowns

posted by on June 12 at 2:05 PM


See you at 6. Don't forget quarters.
UPDATE: Shorty's is cash-only.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Ms. Pacman Awaits You

posted by on June 9 at 9:21 AM


Saturday, June 7, 2008

Put This on Your Calendar

posted by on June 7 at 2:14 PM


Friday, June 6, 2008

Watcha Doing Tonight?

posted by on June 6 at 2:58 PM

Here's what we're doing, in case you need some ideas. Pot and film seem to be our top cravings tonight.

• Smoking weed and playing Madden.

• Making ice-cream sandwiches from scratch.

• Seeing Be Like Others at the Harvard Exit.

• Traipsing through the purple forest and then seeing Otto (gay zombies!) at the Egyptian at midnight.

• Eating pot cookies, then seeing Stranded: I've Come From a Plane That Crashed on the Mountains.

• Eating green vegetables.

• Going to my kid's school carnival. (Cake walk!)

• Seeing Cave Singers at the Gregoire event at Neumo's.

• Previewing the new Kress IGA supermarket downtown (1423 Third Ave), then to a bourbon tasting.

• Going to a bourbon tasting, then to some sort of Gayla. (Gayla-la?)

• Going to the Grand Illusion for the first screening in the Dennis Nyback series.

• Sneaking out of work early to catch Jar City at the Egyptian.

• Going to Balagan Theater's Road Movie.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

On a Happier Note...

posted by on June 5 at 12:56 PM


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"Why Politicise It?"

posted by on June 3 at 3:49 PM

The locally elusive "'Midget' Promotional Liquor Branding Event" has resurfaced in Australia, where partying is the national pastime. At a bar called the Saint in St. Kilda, Melbourne, a shirtless/top-hatted/bar-top dwarf has been decanting Jägermeister directly into bargoers' gaping maws.



Photos by the Port Phillip Leader; thanks to Slog tipper Apocalypse Tom

Jägermeister, understandably, "has distanced itself from the promotion," according to the Port Phillip Leader; they've promised to investigate. Australian authorities are bent, having only recently caught on to the whole binge-drinking thing. (The government's been planning a 70% tax increase on pre-mixed "alcopops"; meanwhile, young members of Australia's Labor party indulge in "scenes of drunken carnage" at a conference.) The Port Phillip Leader quotes a representative patron at the Saint: "It's just a bit of fun. Why politicise it?"

It's unclear whether Jägermeister was the brand behind a Cinco de Mayo multi-city/multi-dwarf U.S. liquor promotion event, and it's unclear whether it happened. Ads on Craigslist sought dwarf talent in Seattle, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Miami for paid barhopping in sombreros and ponchos "for a 4 (four) hour 'shift' meeting & greeting, mix and mingling, handing out liquor premiums & souvenirs, taking photos with customers and patrons." I've contacted the director of corporate communications at Jäger's U.S. importer seeking clarification/comment. The website only deals with the Jägerette/Jägerdude promo spokespeople. Though maybe some of them are dwarfs.

This whole dwarf liquor-promotion thing is responsible for the single most depressing Bar Exam experience in (OH MY GOD) nearly 150 examinations of bars for The Stranger over more than (I'M SORRY, LIVER) three years: the Cinco de Mayo girl-on-girl Jell-O wrestling at Tiki Bob's. I didn't write about the Jell-O wrestling at the time due to P.T.S.D. and space limitations.

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bottoms Up!

posted by on May 29 at 10:33 AM

From the Bar Exam mailbag:

Why not soak up the sun and action at Ivar’s Salmon House’s waterside deck on Lake Union?... The Salmon House boasts a local cocktail favorite, dubbed “The Lake Union Water,” to “commemorate” the murky, yet beloved waters of Lake Union.... this signature cocktail has become a happy hour must and is treasured by Seattleites and tourists alike. The Lake Union Water is composed of vodka, Midori, Blue Curacao, pineapple, and Lake Union Water.

It's the combined sewer overflows that make it taste so good.

Friday, May 23, 2008

When There Is A Party in Seattle, Everyone Goes Home with Fennel Salt

posted by on May 23 at 12:04 PM


The above was the party favor at last night's movie premiere of "Battle in Seattle," which, unfortunately for the very earnest-seeming Stuart Townsend, belongs on the list of movies never, never to watch. (Also, I do not like Michelle Rodriguez. In the Q&A after the screening, it was apparent that she is an infant. A sexy infant, which is awkward. Andre 3000, by contrast, behaved warmly and graciously, and showed kindness to a nervous, stuttering questioner who would otherwise have been left in a public lurch, meaning that I will henceforth buy every product that Andre 3000 would like me to buy, unless it means I have to watch him again in "Battle in Seattle," cast as the racist, racist fun-lovin' Negro Entertainer named Django.)

But back to the fennel salt. I took one of these home, and I suppose I will try it this weekend. According to this link, the stuff, made by Volterra restaurant, retails for $23.

Whoever thought riots would bring free fennel salt?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Best Sentence in The Stranger This Week

posted by on May 22 at 1:11 PM

It's in Bar Exam. Can you find it?

(It's in parentheses.)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More on All That Nightlife Craziness

posted by on May 20 at 5:27 PM

Last week, I posted an email from Neumos co-owner Steve Severin, which sparked a pretty lengthy debate in the comments over the safety of the club and the legitimacy of the city's supposed crackdown on the venue.

In the last few weeks, the city has ordered Neumos to reduce their dance floor capacity, allowing only 223 people on the main floor. The club's downstairs VIP room is also closed until Neumos' owners and the city work something out.

It's pretty clear that the city's been amping up their presence on Capitol Hill—just as their last big nightlife operation goes kablooie—but it's not clear exactly where the pressure on Neumos is coming from.

Department of Planning and Development spokesman Alan Justad says his agency was only brought after the fire department found overcrowding problems when they visited Neumos during the Tim and Eric show on May 2nd. "We haven’t changed the fire code or the building code, or how we enforce [it]," Justad says.

SFD spokeswoman Helen Fitzpatrick claims her department hasn't been focusing on Neumos and only visited the club at the request of the police department. "In terms of their fire and life safety, [SFD is] completely satisfied with what [Neumos] is doing," Fitzpatrick says. "They’re a model for nightclubs."

SPD, meanwhile, has also dismissed claims that they're giving Neumos any extra attention. So just where the hell is the increased pressure coming from? "I’ve got all my own conspiracy theories," Severin says. "We were very active in fighting the music and nightlife license." However, Severin adds that he's not entirely convinced the sudden attention from the city is retaliatory.

Even if Neumos had misinterpreted the city's capacity regulations, why is this happening now? The club's been around for four years, so—despite any issues you may have with how packed Neumos shows are—the timing of the upped enforcement certainly is suspicious.

Neumos' owners will meet with DPD sometime next week to figure out how to increase capacity. For now, expect to see plenty of half-filled shows until things get straightened out.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Can I Haz Trivia?

posted by on May 14 at 3:35 PM

Which bars around town have good trivia nights? And by good, I mean easy. And by easy I mean the questions are exclusively about comic books, Star Wars and zombie movies.

Also, which Capitol Hill bars do trivia?


Friday, May 9, 2008

Good morning!

posted by on May 9 at 7:52 AM

Look at that one in the hat! Adorable! And look at that rapist one! He thinks he's a person.

Apparently this was on dlisted but I STOLE IT BECAUSE I AM A THIEF.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Vessel: Forging Forth

posted by on May 8 at 3:33 PM

Despite the loss of Seattle's first- or second-best bartender (depending on whom you ask), Vessel's forging forth. A good-humored press release says that "Vessel’s owner, Clark Niemeyer, is fully enjoying the irony of having his establishment named one of Esquire Magazine’s 'Best Bars in America,' while only three weeks ago his business partner in charge of finance, Coleman Johnson, quit unexpectedly, leaving an accounting mess to untangle."

More after the break.

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Monday, May 5, 2008

Vessel Loses Top-Rated Bartender

posted by on May 5 at 1:08 PM

Bartender Jamie Boudreau has parted ways with posh downtown bar Vessel. Vessel's doom was falsely rumored early last week; Boudreau's employ by the bar ended May 1. Vessel's been in the news before, in June 2007, for alleged failure to pay bills. The Boudreau/Vessel split sounds as if it may not have been completely amicable: On his blog, Boudreau specifically denies rumors that he is consulting for Vessel and says a private party gig was his "first payday of quite some time."

According to Boudreau's blog, he will muddle for food--and he'd love for someone to help fund his own bar. He's been written up bountifully in the local and national press (Time, Details, Esquire) for his cocktail genius. When Vessel opened in autumn of 2006, he lectured me about how vodka is unfit for consumption, at least by people with any taste. He's the kind of guy you feel lucky to be lectured by:

Bar manager Jamie Boudreau, imported from Vancouver's vaunted Lumiere and given his full druthers here, achieves curiosities and wonders, exploiting the rich history of alcohol and his own clearly fixated imagination. He is a man of strong opinions when it comes to liquor: Vodka does not now and never will appear on his cocktail menu, as it is "for amateurs," lacks complexity, and lies beneath consideration. He imparts this extreme prejudice with mesmerizing charm; he wears arm garters. Each drink on his menu bears a date, a place of origin, and a composer as available; you may get knocked on your ass here, but it's knocked on your ass by art.

Boudreau moved here specifically for Vessel; Seattle will be lucky if he sticks around. After all, he's either Seattle's best or second-best bartender.

UPDATE: Rumors to the contrary notwithstanding, Vessel remains open for business.

Monday, April 28, 2008

The Second-Annual Stranger Gong Show

posted by on April 28 at 1:02 PM

...went down in a packed and sweaty Chop Suey this past Saturday night, and it was a 90-minute tornado of talent, packed with filthy sign language, peppy Poppins, and judge wigs made out of tampons. There was also the exposure of an actual butthole.

For the closest thing to being there, look for Stranger videographer Kelly O's Gong Show Video, premiering tomorrow right here on Slog. (And for an artistic rundown of the show—including an interview with the first-place winning comedian Soloman Georgio—see Brendan Kiley's next Theater News column, landing Wednesday.)

For thanks to all who came and screamed and sweated, and extra special thanks to every single one of the performers. Without you, we're nothing.

Can I Smell Your Dick?

posted by on April 28 at 11:00 AM

Slog tipper damnqueerfuck sends us this...

And asks...

I dunno if you've seen this, but it seems it was made for Slog. Watch it, and you'll keep singing along. I'd be curious about the accuracy of smelling dick. Does it take practice or is it pretty obvious where a dick has been? Unfortunately I'm unwilling to test it out.


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

You Can Never Have a Bad Show

posted by on April 8 at 10:15 AM


I found this picture of Leslie Hall's recent Seattle show in my phone last night. My boyfriend dragged me to Hall's show on his birthday last month and I loved it—and so did all the other fags in the room—bears and twinks, young and old. Just more proof that homosexuality has a genetic component, I think. But Hall didn't inspire me to take this crap picture. I took it because I was mesmerized by all the cell phones and iPhones and digital video cameras being held up during her performance.

Does anyone else remember when "recording devices" were banned at live shows?

Hall played to the cameras—er, phones—a little too much, I thought. Playing to the cameras pulled Hall's focus down to the front of the dance floor. Still, she gave a kick-ass show—she had to, what with all those people documenting her every move.

Monday, April 7, 2008

The Saint Opens Thursday

posted by on April 7 at 3:56 PM

Capitol Hill's new, blue shrine to tequila opens to the public this Thursday at 9 p.m.


The Saint Social Club, 1416 E. Olive Way, 323-9922

Friday, April 4, 2008

Get Crashed

posted by on April 4 at 3:26 PM


Last week's Spring Break party in the Central District was great: a fridge full of jello shots, a fairly creepy Rip Torn clone who offered to make my friend Jason rancho burritos if he'd stay the night, strawberry blunts, and the line "American women are afraid of their tits," followed by the flashing of tits. Who wants to get crashed this weekend? I can't show up if you don't tell me where to go:

Friday, March 28, 2008

Get Crashed

posted by on March 28 at 3:26 PM


Throwing a sweet party this weekend? Get it in the paper! Email the specifics to and give your party the attention it deserves.

Chop Suey, Neumo's Get Told to Turn it Down

posted by on March 28 at 3:23 PM

Around 10:30 pm last night, the cops showed up to Chop Suey and told Club Pop, a bi-weekly 18+ electronic and rock music dance night, that they were being too loud. They turned it down a bit, but it creeped back up, and at around 12:30, 15 minutes into the set of their headliner Tim Sweeney, the cops showed up again and demanded that they turn it down. When they complied, many patrons left.

Read more on Line Out.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Today is the Jewish Fat Tuesday

posted by on March 20 at 4:42 PM

Today is Purim, a.k.a. the Jewish Drinking Holiday!

Lots of people don't even know that Jews have a drinking holiday ala St. Patty's Day (fucking amateur night, if you ask me).

Here's what it's all about:

Jewish exiles from the Kingdom of Judah who had been living in the Babylonian captivity (6th Century BCE) found themselves under Persian rule after Babylonia was in turn conquered by the Persian Empire. According to the Book of Esther, Haman, royal vizier to King Ahasuerus / Xerxes, planned to kill the Jews, but his plans were foiled by Esther, who was made queen after Xerxes kicked out his previous queen, Vashti, and Mordechai, the palace gatekeeper for Xerxes who raised Esther when her parents died, though he was her cousin. This was evidence of divine intervention on behalf of the Jews. The Jews were delivered from being the victims of an evil decree against them and were instead allowed by the King to destroy their enemies, and the day after the battle was designated as a day of feasting and rejoicing.

Translation: Fuck Haman and GO ESTHER!

Things Jews do on Purim:

Drink this:

Eat these:


And make tons of noise with these:


If you want to participate (of course you do! It's fucking fun!), some Jews are holding a party at the Capitol Hill Arts Center Lower Level. There will be Klezmer. Also, there will be dancing to non-Klezmer, which you will prefer to the Klezmer.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Saint

posted by on March 18 at 11:11 AM

Inquiring minds want to know: What will happen in the newly blue triangular building on Olive, former home of the Wingdome?


Answer: The Saint, a tequila bar with Mexican food, brought to you by the Havana people. They're aiming to open at the end of the month or early in April.

We're doing hand-pressed tortillas, hand-chopped salsas, pozole verde, ceviche, carne asada, puerco pibil, etc. Smaller plates, reasonably priced. Very traditional all around. The bar side of things will focus on tequila, although we'll have other offerings (vodkas, gins, bourbons....) The specialty list will feature seven or eight tequila-based cocktails, all hand-measured and made with fresh juices. We'll be using the kitchen to cook up our own syrups for use in the drink menu.

Elsewhere, now open for your enjoyment:

Ocho in Ballard: delicious, unpretentious Spanish snacks and $10 margaritas that are arguably actually worth it ($5 tumblersful of Spanish wine: definitely worth it)

Loretta's in South Park: a place to drink with steaks and burgers, brought to you by the owner of the 9 Lb. Hammer in Georgetown--people seem to love it

And in the Dept. of New(-ish) Chefs on Capitol Hill: Tyler Palagi (from Ferrara on Vashon Island) is now in charge of the kitchen at Smith, while Nick Castleberry (from Sitka & Spruce) has taken over at Artemis (where they say they've discontinued live music for the time being).

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Slog Happy Tonight

posted by on March 13 at 3:19 PM


What's your favorite Cuban cocktail? Cuba libre? Daiquiri? Mint-laced mojito? Something else to blow this gray misery away for a few hours?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Slog Happy Tomorrow

posted by on March 12 at 9:17 AM


Details on those drink specials: $3 wells, $2 beers, $1 off everything else until 8 pm. Do you have a babysitter lined up?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Slog Happy at Havana

posted by on March 11 at 5:16 PM


Havana is staffing up for us (three bartenders!). Come put faces with nicknames.