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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

In the Last 24 Hours on Line Out

posted by on April 15 at 1:15 PM

2008's Capitol Hill Block Party line-up has been announced. Not only that, but you can buy your tickets now, in a special pre-sale offer. Click over to Line Out to see the killer line-up and to buy your tickets. Most of the commenters agree that this year looks amazing.


And Now That You've Soiled Your Skivvies: Sub Pop announces some 20th Anniversary Party details.

King of Line Out: Barfly makes his acceptance speech.

Instrumental Disco: Pino Massara's wordless, 1980 hit.

Uh... Can't Wait?: Weezer offers up a 30-second sample of the new song and really ugly album art.

Good and Bad Videos: New Blue Scholars! Donte's new theme song! New Lifesavas! The Roots pair up with Fall Out Boy? And Meatloaf's cellphone commercial?

True Colors: Paul Constant is moved by Cyndi Lauper cover. Sort of.

I'm Ashamed That I Know This: Ambre wins! Daisy loses! HAHAHAHAHHA! Sigh...

Tonight in Music: Elf Power, DX Arts, and Deep Blue Organ Trio.

Neil Diamond's Coming to Town: Playing the KeyArena in September.

Win a Date with Eric Grandy!: All you need to have is a TV so he can watch egomaniac's Miss Rap Supreme.

How Rude: Trent Moorman's thoughts on the side-door slip.

Sophomore Curse: The A.V. Club lists 20 artists who've yet to top their debut record.

Today's Music News: Speaking of Fall Out Boy, Pete Wentz knocked-up Ashlee Simpson, Amy Winehouse is doing the new Bond song, and Ozzfest announces festival details.

2008 Capitol Hill Block Party: Line-Up Announced!

posted by on April 15 at 12:00 AM


Click over to Line Out for all the details.

Monday, April 14, 2008

In the Last 24 Hours (or more) on Line Out

posted by on April 14 at 1:14 PM

EMP Pop Conference: Notes from Friday, a review of Saturday's Blue Scholars performance, videos of their performance,

New Portishead Video: "Third."

Car Orchestra: Trucks (the automobile, not the band) making music.

Conspiracy Theories: Alicia Keys knows all the answers--she says "Gangsta Rap" was a ploy.

New Smoking Popes: Stay Down is coming out in June.

Rock Lottery: The bands that were born from pulling names from a hat.

Saturday: The day for M83 and Prom.

Idolator's New Home: The music blog gets cut from Gawker, added to Buzznet.

"Diane, Diane...": Schmader needs you to name that tune.

Today's Music News: New Whitesnake coming soon, Lupe Fiasco might be retiring, and Zappa's suing Zappa tribute.

8.5 Minutes: That's how long the new Death Cab single is.

Tonight in Music: New Music Monday, Tuning the Air, and Grand Hallway.

Devendra and Natalie: 4-Eva.

New 24-Hour Diner: Coming soon to the old Minnies space.

New No Age: The song's called "Eraser."

There's some more stuff too... click here to see it ALL.

And look, a cute kitten in a bowl! It has absolutely nothing to do with rock music.


Friday, April 11, 2008

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

In the Last 24 Hours on Line Out

posted by on April 9 at 1:16 PM

Instrumental: Celebrating the wordless bands in Seattle.

Music & Oxen: Barry Manilow and Manowar!? Srsly.

From Retarded to Guilty Pleasure: John Miles makes good.

Total Darkness: Donte Parks reviews Autechre's precise performance at Neumo's Monday night.

We Don't Just Listen to Joy Divison: See?

They're Buying Turtles!: Chuck Klosterman asks "Where's all the money not being spent on music going?"

Boom Boom! Boom Boom!: George Michael makes me want to sing.

Ew: Overheard at last night's secret Thurston Moore performance...

You Don't Say: Moby's inspired by the club life.

Bumbershoot!: The initial line-up is announced. See who else is playing besides Stone Temple Pilots.

Tonight in Music: Team Gina, Meat Beat Manifesto, Gabriel Mintz.

Die a Horrible Bloody Death: Dethklok is coming to Seattle.

Just Added to Coachella: Prince!

Goo Be Gone: Terry Miller shows how to get the stickers off your record covers.

Visions of Death...: Thurston Moore's morbid stage banter.

Hot Chip's New Video: "One Pure Thought."

Beautifully Faded Beats: Specs One prepares to drop new album.

Old Mogwai Made New: Band will re-release debut full-length as a double disc in May.

The Round: Videos of last night's performance featuring Eric Howk, Star Anna, and Shane Tutmarc.

Today's Music News: Was Sonny murdered? And who's in trouble for killing squirrels? Find out.

This is not cute...


First Chunk of Bumbershoot Line Up Announced

posted by on April 9 at 9:28 AM

Go to Line Out for the details.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Monday, April 7, 2008

Thursday, April 3, 2008

In the Last 24 Hours on Line Out

posted by on April 3 at 12:33 PM

Meet Your New Underage Columnist: Seeing as how I've been able to legally attend bar shows for years, it's about time The Stranger gets an all-ages writer who's actually under 21!

Disco and a Hot Lady in a Hot Dress: TJ Gorton on The Invisible Man's 1980 classic.

Rock and Roll and a Hot Lady in NO Dress: Ari Spool's photos from Sioux City Pete & the Beggars' striptease... I mean, rock show.

Better Than Queens of the Stoneage: Brian Cook reviews Torche's Meanderthal.

Tonight in Music: Say Hi, Imaad Wasif, and Hemingway.

No Idea Auctions Off Rare Test Pressings: Against Me!, Less Than Jake, Small Brown Bike records are being sold to benefit J. Robbins' son Cal.

Greatest Tour of 2008?: Will Radiohead hit Seattle with Grizzly Bear?

Not-So-Greatest Tour of 2008: NKOTB are back together. And they have new material. And they're going to tour.

Today's Music News: Local booking company merges, Mariah bests Elvis, Elvis (the living one) gets his own TV show, and Jay-Z follows U2 and signs a deal with LiveNation.

Now They Want Your Credit Card #: MySpace unveils new music service that will compete with iTunes.

Conflict of Interest: The Stranger's Team Metal invades the Fun House tonight.


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

In the Last 24 Hours on Line Out

posted by on April 2 at 1:34 PM

See What The Stranger is Listening to: Via our new account.

Rock Lottery 4: See whose names are goin' in the hat.

New Video: Goldfrapp's "Happiness"

Man vs Muppet: The epic drum off.

The Final Four: It's down to Slats, EYE, Barfly, and Jackie Hell. Who's gonna take it?

Today's Music News: Jay-Z and Beyonce's wedding news, Neil Young's new album, and Yes' tour buddies.

Commercial Rock: Throw Me the Statue get prime airplay in Rhapsody commercial.

Tonight in Music: Snuggle, Subhumans, and Little Wings.

Weezer's New Album: It's gonna be another color one.

The Turn-Ons Give Your Their New Record For Free: You can download it here.

Dumped: Velvet Revolver gives Weiland the boot.

More on X's Billy Zoom: And what he does and doesn't do while playing.

Dexter Wansel: Bridging the gap between jazz, funk, soul, and disco.

April Foolin': Have you been Rickrolled?


The Cute Lepers by Lauren Max.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

In the Last 24 Hours on Line Out

posted by on April 1 at 12:27 PM

Today's Music News: Injuries, side-projects, new records, and jailbird love.

Tonight in Music: Le Loup, the Ruby Suns, and Beats for Obama.

Last Night: Eric Grandy reviews the Cribs/Ra Ra Riot/Jeffrey Lewis show at Chop Suey.

Jenny Bendel Leaves King Cobra: She's now settled at Slim's.

An Interview with Jim Anderson: Soundguy superstar and... quilter?

An Interview with Blush Photo: The local rock and party photographer has a new show hanging at Neumo's.

New Videos: Bjork's “Wanderlust” and Kanye's "Homecoming." (Click here to read about how Bjorks 3-D video was made...)

Hello, Everybody!: Nick Cave becomes Dr. Nick Cave.

Art & Music: And tattoos and turbulent rock.

U2 Crocs!: Ugly shoes coming to a music festival near you?

Yesterday's Comment of the Day: "Imagine" rewritten about breakfast.

Elliott Smith is Still Dead: Yet, I managed to forget that yesterday morning.

Joni Mitchell, However...: Is very much alive. Despite her suicide attempt decades ago.

NIN is Coming to Seattle: For true.

Funny Stuff: Sasquatch announces comedian line-up.

Black and White: The rare occasion where a white artist takes a song by a black artist and makes it better.

jimquilt.jpgJim Anderson's Rock T-Shirt Quilt

Monday, March 31, 2008

In the Last 24 Hours (or more) on Line Out

posted by on March 31 at 1:08 PM

Today's Music News: U2 signs a dead deal with Live Nation, a new Rolling Stones film is being released, and Richie Sambora is arrested for DUI.

Who Owns Your Blog?: The web of Buzznet and its investors and the blogs Buzznet supposedly owns.

X Has Still Got It: Larry Mizell, Jr. reviews last night's show. And Ari Spool shot a few photos.

A Few Thousand Words: Photos from Springsteen's KeyArena performance. And the text message that the show inspired.

John Lennon is Not Dead: He's eating breakfast in Shoreline.

Should You Care About Warped Tour: The pre-sale for tickets has started for the tour's August 9th stop at the Gorge.

Tonight in Music: X is back for more and Jeffrey Lewis returns to Seattle with the Cribs.

Chop Suey's new Speakers: They're smaller, but the club promises they'll sound the same.

New Melvins Album on the Way: Get stoked.

Another Magazine Dies: Resonance's run has ended.

IMG_0307.JPGPhoto of X by Ari Spool

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Is Jeff Kirby Sexist?

posted by on March 26 at 12:45 AM

That's what commenters on Line Out say about this.

(Kirby, I got your back. No way.)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Today and This Weekend on Line Out

posted by on March 24 at 12:47 PM

Hollow Earth Needs a New Home: The local internet radio stars are being kicked out May 1st.

See Seattle with Boredoms: After killing it at Neumo's, Boredoms go on adventures through the city with Trent Moorman.

Tonight in Music: Justice and Diplo, Black Horse.

Today's Music News: A new Billy Bragg record, the Mountain Goats cancel tour, a Cuban musician dies, and more.

Video: Why's "Song of the Sad Assassin."

Relex: Collective Soul are still a band; Collective Soul was in Seattle this weekend.

Two Takes: Both Eric Grandy and Trent Moorman review the Boredoms' show at Neumo's.

Another Video: This time it's Boris' "My Neighbor Satan."

Dear Mr. President: Eels invite George W. to one of their rock and roll shows.

Yet Another Video: Rivers Cuomo's "Lover in the Snow" is all about soccer?

Ari Spool is So Happy: Free Kitten is recording.

The Blakes, by puddletownphoto.


Friday, March 21, 2008

The Last 24 Hours on Line Out: Free Gravy Train!!! Tickets

posted by on March 21 at 3:38 PM

Win Tickets to Tuesday's Gravy Train!!! show: Click here!


A Night With No Words: What I liked about last night's Red Sparowes/Russian Circles show at Neumo's.

Video Stars: Bun B. and Fleet Foxes.

Kimya Dawson's On Tour: But she's not coming to Seattle. Click here to see where she will go.

The Raconteurs Had a Good Plan for Their New Album: And Apple totally fucked it up.

Cowboys and Titties: An interview with Brent Amaker.

The Boredoms: Eric Grandy can't tell you enough--you need to go to this show.

TJ Gorton's Weekly Recommendation: DJ Raahan.

Today's Music News: Velvet Revolver announce break-up; the Beach Boys settle legal issues; Elvis Costello continues to be awesome.

Tonight in Music: Kaki King, Boredoms, Mad Professor, Hadley Caliman, Jason Collett.

I'm Not Perfect: That's with Christopher Frizzelle thinks.

Circuits Are Complete: An interview with former Croc-soundguy Jim Anderson.

Entertainment Weekly Gets It Right: Surprisingly, the mag's "Indie 25" list is pretty right on.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Monday, March 17, 2008

In the Last 24 Hours (or More) on Line Out

posted by on March 17 at 12:57 PM

Plenty of SXSW Coverage: See Sunday here, see the after-parties here, see the photos of locals here, read about Blue Scholars here, read about Diplo, Pissed Jeans, Old Tim Relijun, and more here.

RIP: Mikey Dread is dead. So is the drummer for ABBA.

Did I Do That?: Urkle sings about abstinence.

Fist Pumps and Pick Slides: Tragedy rocks C.H.A.C.'s basement.

Danny Boy: The song is both banned and celebrated for St. Patrick's Day. Paul Constant shares his favorite version.

More Evidence: Ticketmaster continues to be a bummer.

Tonight in Music: Travis Morrison Hellfighters at the Sunset. And dozens of St. Patty's Day parties all over the city.

Rumours: Cocaine's greatest achievement?

diplo.jpgDiplo Photo by Kelly O

Friday, March 14, 2008

Mr. Poe Wants You to Know What Megan Seling Wants You to Know

posted by on March 14 at 1:48 PM

Free tickets. Presidents of the United States. Free.


Thursday, March 13, 2008

In the Last 24 Hours on Line Out: Reports from SXSW, Staff Changes at 107.7 The End, and More Prizes!

posted by on March 13 at 1:49 PM

I knew boobs would get your attention.

bigger.jpgPhoto by Kelly O, from SXSW

107.7 the End: KNDD fires two DJs and pulls harms from his long-time evening slot.

Nectar Gains Another Booker: Colin Johnson announces Patrick Haenelt as the club's local booker.

The Kids Are Alright: David Schmader's 16-year-old niece makes him a mix-CD that doesn't suck.

Today's Music News: Nationally speaking, there really isn't much, since the industry is on hold while everyone gets drunk in Austin.

More on Curling: This time it involves Swedish metal and hot blondes with brooms.

SXSW Wrap Up: Eric Grandy survives day one and sees more bands in just a few hours than I have room to mention here. Sam Machkovech ditches the breakfast taco for late-night pizza, Portland Mercury's Ezra Careff is also down there and he's hoping for more tacos while seeing Kimya, the Kills, and Bon Iver, and Kelly O is capturing it all in photos.

Speaking SXSW: Extreme Animals covered Archers of Loaf and made me totally jealous that I'm still here in Seattle.

Working Girl: What does the nation's most talked about prostitute listen to?

Leslie and the Ly's: More fun than Casey Catherwood expected them to be.

Tonight in Music: Cool Nutz, Neema, and Club Pop with New Faces.

Sound Check: An interview with Dr. Heavy.

Follow Line Out on Twitter: And be the first to hear about breaking news and contests.

And hey, you can win a free, autographed Presidents of the USA cd! Head over the world of music and nightlife for more info.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

In the Last 24 Hours on Line Out: More Prizes to be Won!

posted by on March 12 at 12:47 PM

Videos from Last Night: Ari shot Team Gina at Neumo's, and I captured a couple covers at Round 34 in Fremont (Flight of the Conchords fans, you'll wanna see this).

Meet This Week's Band of the Week: And see what they have to say about fingering the Mickey Mouse Club?

I Want Your Love: TJ Gorton on the Disco Edit Master.

Remember the Riff: Franz Ferdinand is in the news every single night.

Today's Music News: Tacoma pride, SXSW and facepaint, and SNL's hot streak.

The Crocodile: Still not open, now in even more trouble.

Today's Poll: Fleet Foxes and Band of Horses and My Morning Jacket and who's really ripping off who (whom?)?

Tonight in Music: Tiny Vipers at the Triple Door.

"Yes, I am a Nerd": Brian Cook reviews the new Earth record.

Smelly: Eric Grandy would rather smell like armpits, even though that deodorant has okay taste in music.

Eddie Van Halen is Still Sick: And the band continues to postpone shows.

Iggy Pop Covers Madonna: Basically, all your dreams have come true.

Not All Commentors are Assholes: Sometimes they're nice!


Today's Presidents of the USA prize up for grabs is one of their brand new t-shirts! There are six designs the winner will choose from, all of them drawn by singer Chris Ballew. Visit to see how to win.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

In the Last 24 Hours (or more) on Line Out: Win the New PUSA Album

posted by on March 11 at 12:37 PM

Go to Line Out RIGHT NOW and enter to win an autographed copy of the new Presidents of the United States of America record These Are the Good Times People (in stores today).

Here's what else is happening in The Stranger's world of nightlife and music:

In From Austin: Sam Machkovech's last minute SXSW recommendations involve a bubble machine.

Speaking of SXSW: Eric Grandy prepares to take his virgin voyage to the Austin festival.

Rhythmic Language: Christopher Delaurenti on Artforum's current article about avant garde avatar Karl Karlheinz Stockhausen.

Alopecia: Eric Grandy gives the new Why? record (also in stores today) four stars.

Today's Music News: In the world of the over-hyped, under-hyped, and totally brutal.

"Usually, I fuck.": Trent Moorman captures a moment in pre-show rituals.

Tonight in Music: Leslie & the Ly's bring their gold to Seattle, Round 34--a clash of music, words, and art--goes down in Fremont.

The Thermals Need a New Drummer: Which sparks a debate of whether or not they're a good band (I say they are).

3 pm MP3: Yesterday's was by Alyse Black. Check back at 3 pm to see what today's is.

New Minus the Bear Video: See it here.

Speaking of Bands that May or May Not Be Good: Jeff Kirby (and about 30 commenters) on Vampire Weekend (I say they're not good).

Rockstar Curling: I went curling this weekend. It was awesome. I also discovered that Springsteen and Bon Jovi are closet rock pushers, and there's a reality show in the works all about it.

Hos and Area Codes: A map of where Ludacris claims to keep his ladies.

This will make sense (sorta) if you go to Line Out. There's a lot of taco talk over there.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

In the Last 24 Hours on Line Out

posted by on March 5 at 2:40 PM

Neurosis Loves Akimbo: And so Akimbo's new album will be released on Neurot Records. Sweet!

Fleet Foxes Tour Diary #2: The band gets hit by a meteor! Not really, but they see a fucking giant crater left by one.

Tonight in Music: Bisc1, DJs Terry Miller and TJ Gorton, Tilly & the Wall, and "Awesome."

Stupid Coheed!: Jeff Kirby's favorite metal band, Baroness, is finally coming to down, and they're playing with fucking Coheed and Cambria. Ew.

Corporate Turd Bag: 50 Cent is getting in the ring.

Today's Music News: Pavement to reunite? Bjork pisses off Suburbia? Can you trust MTV? Get all the answers here.

Which Rockstar Would Get Eaten First: Eddie Vedder, Ben Gibbard, Slats, Keith Richards, Glenn Danzig, 50 Cent, Jackie Hell... ??

In the Dark: Charlie Dark's gots to feel the spirit.

Heyjowhayagowit...WTF?: The Hazards sing like they're Hungarian, but they're actually from Virgina.

Day by Day: Sasquatch announces how the line-up breaks down, day by day.

Riso Connection: TJ Gorton on Joe Isaac's unique disco project.

As Cool as Mr. T: Whodini--rappers in leather.

Your Turn to Play Music Critic: Listen to toyesterday's random MP3, Fort Hell.

And don't forget... Tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow!


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

In the Last 24 Hours on Line Out

posted by on March 4 at 1:14 PM

Eddie Van Halen: He's undergoing secret medical treatment.

Today's Music News: More information on all the stories you're probably tired of hearing about (including Vampire Weekend, American Idol, and corupt boy band promoters--Lou Pearlman might go to jail!).

Coco Coca: An interview with this week's Band of the Week.

New Presidents Video: Directed by Weird Al! (Seriously!)

Tonight in Music: Taken by Trees, British Sea Power, Panther, and the Gutter Twins.

Crystal Castles Cancels: Due to injury.

"Don't Smoke": Jeff Kirby loves this (sort of) new Phil Everum song.

Face to Face Broke Up: But now they're playing shows again. Although, none in Seattle. Yet.

A Conversation in a Song: "What?" "Oo-oo-oo wee."

The Best Six Minutes of the Weekend: More love for the Pleasureboaters. (Followed by a debate of whether or not they sound like Chinese Stars.)

Ah, Memories: Casey Catherwood's guilty pleasure is Everclear's "Father of Mine."

From Start to Finish: The new trend of bands playing entire albums in concert.

Your Random MP3 of the Day: The Collective Conscience. Listen and let us know what you think.

Darkness into Light: The new remixes of Johan Agebjörn and Sally Shapiro’s “Spacer Woman From Mars” make Terry Miller all emotional.

Neon Neon: Their new album is a concept record about car-maker John DeLorean. That's awesome.

Charlie Discovers Radiohead: Read the review written by Line Out's favorite 14-year-old.

Joose: The energy drink for juggalos, meth heads, and the otherwise unemployable.


Monday, March 3, 2008

In the Last 24 Hours (or More) on Line Out

posted by on March 3 at 12:42 PM

Pleasureboaters photo by Morgan Keuler.

King Cobra's Grand Opening: Thrashing, headbanging, and air guitar everywhere.

The Fleet Foxes: Part one of their tour diary.

Saviours: Innovative stoners.

The Party that Never Happened: And the pictures that don't exist.

Elmotorhead: More "Muppets Meet Metal" art.

New NIN: Trent Reznor goes the way of Radiohead, offering part of his two-disc surprise record last night for free.

Tonight in Music: Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks and Lake of Falcons w/the Ironclads.

The Pharmacy's CD Release Show: In fantastic photos.

The Pharmacy's CD Release Show: In fantastic words.

The Pharmacy's CD Release Show: In chaotic video.

Jeff Healy: The bluesman died of cancer at age 41.

Only in Dreams: Trent Moorman interprets the images in a metal drummer's head.

Pela: Had to cancel their tour (including tomorrow's Seattle date) due to injury.

Mick Jagger: The Hells Angels tried to kill him!

And join us this Thursday for the best show of the year (so far)...


Friday, February 29, 2008

In the Last 24 Hours on Line Out

posted by on February 29 at 2:13 PM

It's about more than music, people. Line Out is about night life--drinking, dancing, headbanging at King Cobra.

5 Minutes Wasted: Musical Comedy steals a piece of Terry Millers's life.

Your Turn to Play Music Critic: Listen to House on a Hill, tell us if you like it.

Two Shows, One Review: Sam Makchkovech hits up Beestings at the Comet and Velella Velella at Nectar.

What Does Miles Davis Have to Do With a Kid on a Ferris Wheel Eating Too Much Cotton Candy?: Trent Moorman brings it all together.

Goody Goody!: TJ Gorton on Dimitri's Goody Goody remix. Also, there's a picture of some very nice boobs.

Today's Music News: A guy from Blur wants in the Parliament, singer of Dave Clark 5 dies at age 64, Amy Winehouse is cleared, and a bunch more stuff you need to know.

Schlager 101: Terry Miller schools you on some Brotherhood of Man and Kelly Marie.

Stage6 Shuts Down: You can no longer get scores of amazing videos via their site. Sorry.

King Cobra's Grand Opening: The photos! the videos, the dudes with long hair headbanging to songs about robots from the future.

Sasha Frere-Jones on Amy Winehouse: Surprise! He finds a way to make it about race.

There's a hell of a lot more to read about too. Lots of pictures, lots of videos, lots of everything, my friends. Go check it out.

(Photo by Kelly O from last night's King Cobra Grand Opening.)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

In the Last 24 Hours on Line Out

posted by on February 28 at 12:35 PM

Here's what's waiting for you over on Line Out, the music and nightlife blog that hardly ever talks about Obama:

Tonight in Music: King Cobra's grand opening, My!Gay!Husband!, and the Ball of Wax CD release show.

RIP: Buddy Miles dead at 60.

Funplex: The new B-52s single!

Herbie Mann: TJ Gorton discovers his hidden 70s treasures.

The Clash: Watch the trailer for the new documentary by Don Letts.

Poll: Who's the bigger douchebag?

The Eurythmics: Appreciation by way of Mr. Mudede.

Show Reviews: Eric Grandy writes about Holy Fuck and A Place to Bury Strangers at Chop Suey, and MSTRKRFT at Neumo's.

Speaking of A Place to Bury Strangers: Donte Parks has some pretty pictures of their set.

And Speaking of Holy Fuck: They're playing Rachael Ray's SXSW showcase...???

Sleepy Eyes of Death: One of this year's Young Ones.

Ladies Choice: An interview with Adam Bass.

Finding Comfort in the Shuffle: Eric Grandy's MP3 player knows what he needs to hear.

You'll also see photos like this:

(Taken by Jeff Kirby)

Want to follow Line Out on Twitter?
Click here to do it!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Have You Been to Line Out Lately?

posted by on February 26 at 3:45 PM

Because that is, as the kids say, where the party's at.

Happy Birthday: The Little Red Hen celebrates Johnny Cash tonight, on the anniversary of his birth.

Me, Myself, and I: Charles Mudede on the self in song.

Tonight in Music: MSTRKRFT, Holy Fuck, A Place to Bury Strangers, Harsh and more.

Caption Please: What do you get when you combine Guitar Hero, a helmet, and devil horns?

Is She Still Bald?: David Schmader appreciates Sinead.

Nerf Herder Get Old: But they're still wearing their golf shirt.

Iron Maiden to Play White River: Happy Birthday, Ari!

In My Head: The Microphones have been stuck in Eric Grandy's head for weeks.

3,000 Words: A few gems from the Stranger Flickr Pool.

Get Healthy: MusiCares offers free check-ups to Seattle musicians!

Who's Inducting Who: The list for 2008's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees and inductors.

"Meow Meow Meow Meow": A list of songs that are used to torture.

The Magic Number: Three new records that Terry Miller likes.


Stop Perez Hilton: Sign my petition to keep the celeb-blogger from getting a record label. I choose my battles well, don't I?

Guitar for Sale: And it's signed by Rush.

Speaking of Rush: This post has something to do with them, Pink Floyd, the Wizard of Oz, and chocolate.

And Speaking of Chocolate: TJ Gorton re-visits a Chocolate City classic.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Today (and Over the Weekend) on Line Out

posted by on February 25 at 3:42 PM

Got Twitter?: Follow Line Out on Twitter and get the breaking news on your phone!

Breaking News Like: Who's playing Sasquatch 2008!

These Arms Are Snakes Photos: With blood, sweat, and mustaches.

Muppets and Music: Coming together in an art project.

Courtney Love on the Oscars: Fortunately, she was conscious long enough to write this blog post.

Long Live Permanent Media!: Brian Cook interviews Jeffery Taylor of Wall of Sound.

Tonight in Music: The good (Yes, Oh Yes) and the bad (Arsonists Get All the Girls).

It Ain't No Joke: Is Jay-Z making money from the African Slave Trade.

Fuck the Hives: And their giant neon sign.

Great, Now "Love Machine"'s Gonna Be Stuck in My Head All Day: TJ Gorton loves no one but Tempest Trio.

Jeffrey Lewis: Eric Grandy explains why he's so awesome.

How to Wreck a Bar: Monotonix almost burn the Comet down.

Sound Off! 2008: Meet the bands who played round three of the semi-finals, and then find out who won.

New Rule: No more yelling "Freebird" at concerts.

Do you Live in Seattle and Make Music?: Then get yourself listed in The Stranger's Musician's Directory.


Photo by Morgan Keuler.

Friday, February 22, 2008

In the Last 24 Hours on Line Out

posted by on February 22 at 4:02 PM

Throw Me the Statue: Perform on a Washington State ferry.

Speaker Speaker: Perform an Elevator to Hell song at Sonic Boom in Ballard.

Boris: Declared "the greatest living rock band on the planet" by Brian Cook.

Exodus, These Arms Are Snakes: Are playing in Seattle tonight.

Cross-Dressing, Beer, and Bowling: Appearing at Sunset Bowl this Sunday.

Menomena, Blitzen Trapper, BOAT and Monotonix: Are also playing tonight and I forgot to say so in my initial "Tonight in Music" post. Sorry.

Gwar and Belle & Sebastian: Finally together.

Jeffery Lewis: The anti-folk singer from Portland covers 12 Crass songs.

PWRFL Power: Appears in an esurance commercial, interviews himself, and is also one of this year's Young Ones.

Mates of State: A little something to listen to on this sunny day.

Joy Division, Edie Brickell, Jim Reeves: Their words have been floating in Charles Mudede's head recently.

Dave Grohl: Pissed that his music is being used to promote geek shit.

The Lashes: Post new songs for free.

Teen Cthulu: Balances out all that pop business I posted earlier.

The Black Crowes, Maxim, and Gawker: (Surprisingly) surviving together.

I'm still obsessed with those tiger pigs:


Thursday, February 21, 2008

In the Last 24 Hours on Line Out

posted by on February 21 at 4:39 PM

Five Years Ago Yesterday: 100 people died at a Great White concert.

Happy Birthday: Kurt Cobain would've been 41 years old yesterday.

Story Telling: Road warriors, These Arms Are Snakes talk about tour life.

Total Lunar Eclipse: Here's what happens when 200 people sing a Bonnie Tyler song in the middle of Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart" during a lunar eclipse. Review here. Video here. Enjoy.

Tonight in Music: Sia, Lesbian, Tacocat, and more.

Helloooooo Bremerton!: Death Cab for Cutie kick of a tour in Bremerton, not Seattle.

Hot Water Music Add More Dates: But they are also not playing Seattle.

The Mike Album: Everyone, even the Beatles, could benefit from a little editing.

The Little Rooster: Murdered.

Illegal Leak of the Week: Janet Jackson, Discipline.

You're So Right for Me: TJ Gorton on Eastside Connection.

Today's Music News: That Gene Simmons sex tape is (unfortunately) real.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

In the Last 24 Hours on Line Out

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The Perfect Music for the Impending Spring: Cortijo Y Su Bonche.

Grand Archives Video: The band played four songs with eight guitars yesterday in Ballard.

Weird: We lose one Sonic Boom, gain another.

"You Losers Can Have It": Eric Grandy defends his love for rock and roll.

Happening Today: A 51-minute performance of "Total Eclipse of the Heart." No jokin'.

Slats Poll: Does Slats walk down Broadway, or does Broadway roll under Slats?

One More Thing that Didn't Need to Happen to the World: A Gene Simmons sex tape unsurfaced.

Tonight in Music: Saigon, Grand Archives, Men, and Speaker Speaker.

Killer Queen: The woman who kills Kanye in his new music video is not only hot, but she doesn't use deodorant.

Young Ones of the Day: The Pharmacy.

Look! Tiger pigs!


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Monday, February 18, 2008

In the Last 24 Hours (or more) on Line Out

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Fremont Sonic Boom Says Goodbye to Fremont: Today is the store's last day. Reminisce here.

Converge and Neurosis: Reviews of night one and night two.

Sunday Bloody Sunset's Kick Off Party: There was no special secret guest, but they did have donuts and balloons and Thee Sgt. Major III.

Love Me or Hate Me: The Dead Science and Implied Violence take lip-syncing and fake blood to a new level.

Tonight in Music: Marilyn Manson, Kay Kay & His Weathered Underground, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony.

Miwagemini: "Like Siouxsie Sioux run through a turn-of-the-century folk group."

Duh: The Heavenly States make Eric Grandy revisit Archers of Loaf's Icky Mettle.

Yes We Can!: Why Chris Walla can't support Hillary Clinton.

This Man vs. That Man: Adrian Leverkuhn is not Bill Evans.

Sound Off!: Round two of the Semi-Finals was this weekend. Here's who played, here's who won.


Taken and contributed to the Stranger Flickr Pool by mattoly.

Friday, February 15, 2008

In the Last 24 Hours on Line Out

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Greg Tate is Coming to EMP's Pop Conference: That makes Charles Mudede very happy.

Disco Love: Valentine's Day is over, but these disco tracks will keep you feelin' in love over the weekend.

Don't Shut It: The best Queen lyric of the day.

Olympia Riot: A cop car gets overturned after a hiphop show at Evergreen state college last night.

Don't Leave Home Without It: A pocket-sized version of Guitar Hero coming soon to a store near you.

Yes We Can!: Boston's frontman turns down Huckabee, announces support for Obama.

Portishead Record Coming Soon: Another reasons Charles Mudede is stoked.

First Live Show at King Cobra: Trent Moorman was there to feel the metal love.

MP3 Truffles: The secrets behind the show.

Club Pop--Valentine's Day Edition: And all the hook-ups that happened therein.

Tonight in Music: DJ Starski, Blaqstarr, Six Organs of Admittance, and more.

Also Tonight: Ruby Doe, Sunday Night Blackout, the Whore Moans. And Avenged Sevelfold's logo, hold the pickles.

In Honor of the Riot: A little Dub Narcotic Sound System.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

In the Last 24 Hours on Line Out

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TJ Gorton on Sylvester: "Every time I listen to the track, it feels like I get an audio insider to a glimpse of what the NY disco clubs like Paradise Garage and the Gallery were like back in the day."

Cam'ron on Jay-Z: "I don't think he wrote nothin' ever."

Mike Nipper on the new Blue Cheer Record: "It’s bad metal…it’s embarrassing, it’s so bad."

Larry Mizell on Kanye West's "Flashing Lights" Video: "GODDAMN!"

Sonic Boom Records to the Fremont Neighborhood: "Goodbye."

Trent Moorman Asks You: "Are you a hipster?"

Krist Novaselic on Tad: "They defined what grunge was or is."

King Cobra on Valentine's Day: "There's more than one way to lose your heart."

Megan Seling (Me) on Mega Man II: "I was so fucking good at this game as a kid."

John Richards on...: Well, everything. Click here to read his really long open letter to KEXP listeners.

Casey Catherwood on Japanther: "Life would be so much better if Japanther played a show in my bedroom every morning."

Sam Machkovech on Rock Lottery: "The show is an experience a lot like losing your virginity—part terror, part awkwardness, and a strange desire for more, more, more.”

Charles Mudede on the Current State of Hiphop: "It’s so bad that the super producer Rockwilder is giving it up for Christian music."


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

In the Last 24 Hours on Line Out

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Feist: Classy, unlike those Grammy-winning crack addicts.

British Sea Power: Get a U.2 from Pitchfork. Ha!

Idiot Pilot: Their new album, Wolves, gets two stars from me.

Billy Ray Cyrus: He crashes Sam Machkovech's morning, makes music that's real.


NOFX: They're comin' to Seattle and people still care (myself included).

Phil Collins: Trent Moorman says he's an asshat.

Holy Fuck, Super Furry Animals, Wyclef Jean: They're all playing in Seattle tonight.

The Horrorpops & Pink Spiders: They played in Seattle last night. Unfortunately. They also sold underpants and condoms. Also unfortunately.

Mountain Goats: Just one of the many good bands our readers have been listening to lately.

Baby Dee: She was selling bird calls at her show last night. Neat!

Helms Alee: A new local band that's really fucking good.

Kanye West: Announces a Seattle date with Rhianna, Lupe Fiasco, N*E*R*D.

Every Musician in Seattle: Should be a part of our upcoming Musician's Directory.

More Idiot Pilot and Phil Collins: Jeff Kirby bravely attempts to defend them both.

The Pretty Things: Just because.

Alpha: Charles Mudede tells you the what and the how of the most undervalued Bristol band.

Atom & His Package: A band I wish I had listened to sooner.

Lenny Kravitz: He's in the hospital. Also, Stone Temple Pilots are on tour with... Kid Rock?

Monday, February 11, 2008

Today and This Weekend in Line Out

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With the Grammys happening last night, there's a lot to talk about in the music world. We have all that and so much more over on Line Out. See?

Saturday's Sound Off Competition: Meet the band's who competed. Then click here to find out who won.

Saturday's Flotation Device: Starring Josef Anton Riedl, Alwin Nikolais, Byron Au Yong, and others.

New Helvetia Song: Listen to "Old New Bicycle."

Liveblogging the Grammys: I did it. It's over. You missed it. But you can read the whole transcript if you really want to see what I and dozens of those watching with me had to say about Alicia Keys' awful dress.

And if You Want Just the Highlights: Click here for the list of winners and awards show wrap-up.

And if You Want to See Kanye's Performance With Daft Punk: Click here (it's awesome).

And if You Want to See the Look on Amy Winehouse's Face When She Won: Click here (she totally wanted to cry).

And if You Want to See Vince Gill of All People Give Kanye Shit: Click here (it's hilarious).

Now Back to Grammy-Free News: KEXP partners with New York, creates Radio Liberation.

Schoolyard Heroes on Tour: And drummer Brian Turner is keeping a blog of all the adventures.

Tonight in Music: Baby Dee, the Tallboys, and "the dreaded a-billy."

Two Records in One Year: This is all Charles Mudede listened to in 2007.

Death Metal: 10 crushed, 6 injured at a rock concert in Indonesia.

Beans and Rice: And disco!

Wagging These Puppies: Dolly Parton has to postpone tour because of her breasts.

Another Two Bite the Dust (Sorta): Magazine Resonance and dance night Krakt both scale back.

Nina Simone: World's greatest badass.

And About KEXP Going to NY: John Richards promises neither he, nor the station, will turn their back on Seattle music.


Submitted to the Flickr Pool by whatsthatbug?.

KEXP Partners with Radio New York

posted by on February 11 at 10:50 AM

So that's where those "John Richards is moving to New York" rumors started...

Read about it, and discuss, over in Line Out.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

You Know You Want to Watch the Grammys...

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Will Amy Winehouse perform? Will she be able to stand up on her own?

Will Michael Jackson show up? Will Britney? Will the two of them fight for the crazy crown?

There's only one way to find out--we're gonna have to watch. I'll be liveblogging the Grammys over on Line Out starting at 8 pm (the show airs on CBS, channel 7). So many exciting things could happen! Or... they could be excruciatingly uneventful. Either way, let's get through it together.

See you then!

(Click here to see the full list of awards and nominations.)

Friday, February 8, 2008

In the Last 24 Hours on Line Out

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If you haven't been to Line Out in the last 24 hours (why do you hate music?), here's a quick look at what you've missed:

Gotham Flasher: TJ Gorton shares one of his all-time favorite songs.

Let 'Em Say I'm Crazy: I love Jefferson Starship and Mannequin.

Get a Haircut: New Lonely H video premiers on

HWM at SXSW: The band announces more shows that I'm also gonna miss.

No Comment: KEXP isn't saying if Richards has plans to move to the East Coast.

Safe Sax: Portland's Narwhal vs. Narwhal plays the Comet this Sunday.

New Terrordactyls Video: Featuring Kimya Dawson! (Jesus, that woman is everywhere.)

This Week's Setlist: Free music, free concert listings, free bad jokes.

Line Out Exclusive: Khingz Makoma collaborates with the Luchnow Brides, the Luchnow Brides want to know if Trent Moorman is a hipster.

Tonight in Music: The Delusions, the Coup, Broken Disco, Seattle Improvised Music Festival, and 800 (give or take about 796) more suggestions.

Obama's Soundtrack: Political campaign music should really be less obvious.

Drop a Barf: Jeff Kirby dumps the Dillinger Escape Plan.

The Physics Future Talk: Charles Mudede's favorite local hiphop album of 2007 is now available on iTunes.

It Will Never Die: Dan Paulus unearths a rare gem of grunge history.

Normal or Not: English subtitles on an Australian hit?

$47,600,000: That's the amount of money Genesis made on tour last year. Boysenberry syrup is some how involved.

Today's Music News: Deerhoof gains a hoof, Daft Punk works with Playboy, and the new Timbaland record... coming to a cell phone near you!

If I were running for president, this is what I'd play at my rally: