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Sunday, October 12, 2008

This Weekend at the Movies: Addendum

posted by on October 12 at 13:56 PM


Charles Mudede loved The Grocer’s Son, a French film about an attractive young man, the very old, and groceries:

The rays of light in this delightful film startle the surfaces of walls, the interior of a passenger train, the faces of the young and old people, the trees, the rolling hills, the rooftops of the village, the winding roads, the slow summer clouds above a French countryside.

It’s playing all week at the Harvard Exit.

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um, mais oui, the sun light in Provence is tres bon....

Posted by Van Gogh et al. | October 12, 2008 3:39 PM

C'est un bon film pour tout le monde.

Posted by Will in Seattle | October 12, 2008 3:56 PM

Very Nice Running Commentary Lindy, on the cinematic themes in and around the Northwest and the Greenlake connection to Obama....

There was the beautiful panorama or vista, as a dp would call it,

( hint: movie buffs.... that's director of photography...)

....and yes there were lot's of people Marching for Obama around the lake...

I don't think they were on their way to an addendum filler or filer, as in support of Charles and the french movie "The Grocers Son" .... which is a shame...

because it looks like a wonderful movie to view....

on the other hand, just in case you missed the the second in an amazing turn of events...

another bird has fallen from the sky....

and I am going to relay a tale to
The Stranger...

in hopes of a "parable" of muse and movie inspiration may bring to you all glad tidings of joy and a sickening sweet feeling in your stomach(s) if you are NOT a friend of The Stranger....

Earlier this spring, before live and recorded television was ripped from the satellite receiving stations on planet earth, when everyone on the planet earth was taken over by the mind control machines that kept all the enhabitants of planet earth from blowing each other up with bombs and guns and farm tools and rocks and sticks, a baby hummimgbird fell out of the sky and a boy name boy picked it up and spent the hottest part of the springtime afternoon taking the baby hummingbird to the animal shelter.

The lady at the animal rescue shelter said the bird would live, and so the boy named boy left.

That was quite a day for a boy named boy.

Later in the fall, a girl named girl was walking down the street, right before the radio waves were commandeered by the mind control argument reading machines came in with a back-up plan to make sure that the people who learned of the television satellites taking over the movie satellites so the news blogs and help slogs wouldn't tell the truth about the web streaming machines that kept the rest of the people on planet earth from traveling to the places where the other people who hadn't heard about the mind controlling machines demise in revolt, whom, upon falling down drunk and laughing after a good meal and hot nookie in the sack, remebered to think kind thoughts about confusion and poor sentance structure, which reminded the readers that the girl named girl found a second bird that year, and it was a pidgeon.

The boy who was now a girl talking as if a woman reading the story from nowhere, wishing it was a man from somewhere turned around in the chair and said to the narrator....

"what the hell is this?".

Yep, dear and constant reader... this pile of drivel IS a true story... and I have the second bird in hand to prove it.

All those who think The Stranger archives have got what's hot is hot and hot is the 2 headed chicken in the window...

have got a lot to think about over the holidays if...

and mind you that's a big if....

they can't get back to The Stranger Lobby and see the pidgeon for themselves with their "very own eyes!!!".

Q.) What th F??? does this have to do with anything??

Ask and ye shall receive...

and if you have a pidgeon coup, and need a new homey to put into it... maybe, just maybe you can adopt it from the office.

True story.

Part 2:

8 days, and no one new what to call the eighth day GOD didn't name, so they threw it away and kept seven days instead.

On Sunday... as we call it today in 2008 in the english language, The BIBLE says we are suppose to rest and not work.

I guess that makes most of us American Christians hipocrites, so let's go to Monday.

That's the day Everybody hates to go back to work on... even if they aren't christians, and even if they didn't feel guilty for working or nor working on the day they did or didn't work on the day before.


is the day everyone starts to feel a little better about, because it is only one day away from what is commomly known in the slang language of American language
as "HUMP DAY".
( hint: this is generally true even if they don't read The Stranger and believe in universal translation or polar opposites)

Wednesday: OPEN MIC NIGHT at the BLUE MOON TAVERN and various other drinking establishments in and around the northwest.

Thursday. A day to be humble with here in America, because for alot of Europe, it is their last work day of the work week.

Friday. People generally go fishing.

Saturday that's the day everyone who is still frustrated over "hump day" gets wildly drunk and fights off their aggresion and homophobias and wakes up either with or without a new case of v.d..

Sunday... that's been explained.

So here's the challeng to the tax lawyers and lobbiests, lawmakers and clergy in America...

Because we are now the melting pot of the world... and have SO much desention over religeon and politics...

" why don't we just vote in an 8th day of the week?"

The the Christians and "other" God loving people in America can have a "new" day of rest... and we can stop fighting... and the business men and women can have another day with which to work out their tax problems... and those who want a three day weekend don't have to work on the 8th day?

The best of the best? or is it the mind control machines...

..remember Stranger readers... I haven't "added" anything to "THE BIBLE"... just another "SECULAR DAY IN THE CALANDER."

It's kind of like a "holiday".

Posted by d.b.kieneker | October 12, 2008 4:53 PM

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