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Monday, October 27, 2008

The October Flop

posted by on October 27 at 17:48 PM

Even Time Magazine is wondering:

Sunday’s surprise raid by helicopter-borne U.S. troops in eastern Syria raises at least three key questions. Given that the U.S. is saying the number of volunteer fighters infiltrating Iraq from Syria has dwindled significantly in the past 18 months, why was this action deemed necessary? Does the raid signal a shift in U.S. tactics in the region? And with just over a week before the U.S. presidential election, why now?

This was the October surprise, and it’s going to be a flop. Why? Because the world is not as stupid as Bush:

“This is all related to the elections in the U.S. The timing is so close,” contends Sami Moubayed, a Syrian political analyst. “Bringing out the ‘terrorist threat,’ magnifying it, projecting it as a monster that needs to be dealt with on the spot … serves nobody but John McCain.” A parting shot from the Administration of President George W. Bush, or the beginning of a new military policy in the region? Syria and the rest of the world will be keeping a close watch on its eastern border.

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i guess it's easier to kill families in sand than 1 man in a cave

Posted by Gordon | October 27, 2008 7:32 PM

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