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Thursday, October 16, 2008

One Love

posted by on October 16 at 15:57 PM

The difference between what’s captured in this moving image, “Remote Control Cement Truck”…

…and what’s captured in this poster for one of Gong Li’s weaker films, Zhou Yu’s Train
The difference? No difference exists between what’s happening above and what’s happening below. The pleasure of the turning agitator mirrors the pleasure of the leg-locked lovers.

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If you had your own blog nobody would read it

Posted by Non | October 16, 2008 4:04 PM

Thus is the epitome of a Charles post: pictures of women, pictures of cement, and meaningless philosophical masturbation.

Posted by N | October 16, 2008 4:08 PM

Dear Charles Mudede,

Girl, you so crazy.


Posted by Bobo | October 16, 2008 4:08 PM

Just because you're stoned and these two disparate things seem profound to you does not make them profound.

Posted by Non | October 16, 2008 4:10 PM

Jesus Mudede, I kept waiting for the garbage truck to rampage or explode or something. fail.

Posted by Chris | October 16, 2008 4:13 PM

When did you start drinking today?

Posted by heywhatsit | October 16, 2008 4:13 PM

you're so boring, charles.

Posted by andrea | October 16, 2008 4:15 PM

Seriously...what in the fuck are you talking about?

Posted by I Got Nuthin' | October 16, 2008 4:24 PM

This is the Charles I remember. I was getting a little scared with all the coherent, funny, meaningful posts lately.

Posted by Julie in Chicago | October 16, 2008 4:31 PM

I love you, Charles. None of this shit makes any fucking sense, there's more goddamned ruminating on concrete, it's the most boring thing posted all day on slog, and yet the comments are the most hillarious ones I've read in ages. The levels of predictable back-and-forth become some kind of absurdist comedy I can't deny myself.

Bravo Charles, Bravo Commentators!

Posted by juris | October 16, 2008 4:35 PM

At least the comments are funny.

Posted by EmilyP | October 16, 2008 4:35 PM

dumping cement into foundation is like dumping a load in a chinese woman. Charles is the master of analogy.

Posted by Bellevue Ave | October 16, 2008 4:45 PM

I don't think so, Charles ... Maybe if the bottom picture was a bukkake video.

Posted by Mahtli69 | October 16, 2008 4:54 PM

I love you Charles. You get high on LIFE. Really really fucking high.

Posted by The CHZA | October 16, 2008 4:56 PM

any excuse to post gong li will do.

Posted by max solomon | October 16, 2008 5:03 PM

The difference between the day I don't have to worry about accidentally reading your posts as I scroll by... and the day my next door neighbor's pit bull dies...

The difference? No difference exists.

Posted by Patrick | October 16, 2008 5:04 PM

Chuckles is obviously a Constructicon.

Posted by Bumblebee | October 16, 2008 5:06 PM

No difference? That's cool.
I'll take Gong Li. You can have the truck.

Posted by Gurldoggie | October 16, 2008 5:08 PM

i don't get it. in both images, they're laying pipe?

Posted by d | October 16, 2008 5:45 PM

what. the. fuck. charles you are a crazy bastard. why? why why why why why?

Posted by Brian | October 16, 2008 5:51 PM

Does Charles know someone is posting ridiculous parodies of his posts?

Posted by Greg F. | October 16, 2008 8:14 PM

God DAMMIT Mudede!!

Posted by STJA | October 17, 2008 9:28 AM

Of course, it's so obvious! Why didn't I see that before?

Posted by Greg | October 17, 2008 10:07 AM

Seriously, do you have to compare (the infinitely gorgeous) Gong Li to a cement truck?

Posted by Matt G. | October 18, 2008 1:00 AM

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