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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Looking Up At Palin

posted by on October 22 at 9:23 AM

The Huffington Post treats us to a slideshow of Palin’s fabulous outfits—the $150,000 worth of clothes purchased for Palin and her family by donors to the GOP since August. Be sure to check out the picture of Palin taken in a supermarket in Alaska before she was selected as John McCain’s running mate. See what happens when Palin picks out her own clothes? Not having to look at outfits like that on the news is worth 150K, if you ask me.

And you gotta love this picture of some “Palin Dudes” at a rally…


That’s one powerful woman—I mean, if she can get those boys into pink shirts… but, um, where are their right hands?

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Good link. Yes clothes make the man, or woman.

Gotta say Palin in the supermarket looks pretty much like lots of folks in Seattle, too....

Posted by PC | October 22, 2008 9:30 AM

in the store she's wearing a kusbuq...its a kind of native dress. i think its kinda cool.

Posted by Jiberish | October 22, 2008 9:33 AM

Those guys are her gay friends who she loves but denies marriage rights to.

Posted by kebabs | October 22, 2008 9:34 AM

a non-issue...for many jobs, you need a new wardrobe and some companies will front you some new duds until you can afford/acquire your own.

let's not go the nit-picky route; we hated it when the Repubs did/do it. Why go and copy them?

Posted by michael strangeways | October 22, 2008 9:37 AM

I'd fuck the one on the right.

Posted by Kirk Fontenot | October 22, 2008 9:37 AM

I cannot believe she got in and out of Barney's for less than $800. How is that possible?

Posted by Fnarf | October 22, 2008 9:39 AM

SHe is wearing a traditional Alaska Native garment called a kuspuk.

They are VERY chic in Alaska.

Posted by AK Rob | October 22, 2008 9:39 AM

this, along with the fact that she pals around with washington insiders, despite her claims that she is an outsider ( see the new yorker article), the bridge to nowhere, trooper gate, her small town girl nonsense, just shows you that palin is not only an ultra right winger, but a PHONY.

she is basically just a tourist riding the celeberity train. and to think, this clown, could have been our president.

and this is the most popular governor in the history of alaska? who are those people and why do they all sound like theyre from the movie FARGO?

u betcha!

Posted by SeMe | October 22, 2008 9:53 AM

Kuspuk or not, it's a matching pink miniskirt with legwarmers, and the way it sits on her hips, it's something you'd expect to see on a 13-year-old going into Claire's. She's the fucking governor; she could at least try to look like a grownup. And on her own dime, too.

Posted by Fnarf | October 22, 2008 10:04 AM

Speaking of Palin's fashion sense, have you guys seen this yet? It's my new favorite picture.

Posted by Darcy | October 22, 2008 10:12 AM

I'm a-thinking that either she doesn't even realize that the donkey represents the Dems, or she is always getting the jackass/elephant thing mixed up.

Posted by KeeKee | October 22, 2008 10:25 AM

@7 Wtf? That look is popular? Are you on meth?

Posted by In the Frozen Food Aisle | October 22, 2008 10:27 AM

Given the prices on the kinds of clothes a woman in Palin's position has to wear, I think $150,000 is pretty reasonable: it works out to about $1,000 to $2,500 a day, and she literally needs to wear something new every day, and running for VP she can't risk wearing some ill-fitting or cheap-looking, because then the media conversation will flow to her fashion (so she can't shop at Sears and TJMaxx).

Women in politics (and business) end up having to spend way more on clothes than men just because they can't cycle through a small number of suits with new ties every day--the expectation is that women wear an entirely new outfit at every public appearance, so each outfit can be worn only once, in practical terms. If a woman wears the same pant suit or dress at two events within x months of each other, then the commentary (rightly or wrongly) starts focusing on their fashions.

So what women in that position typically do is wear an outfit once, then donate it or auction it for charity.

Besides, we need to trash her for her lack of knowledge and experience and her policy stances. Anyway, I think $150,000 is reasonable for a VP candidate appearing at one or two events daily.

Posted by Simac | October 22, 2008 10:27 AM
Posted by amy! | October 22, 2008 10:37 AM

Why can't they do something similar for Cindy McCain? That woman can drop $150k on a single outfit and, yet, on the news this morning, she was wearing a hot pink, silk or satin jacket over a black turtleneck. That woman is so trashy.

Posted by keshmeshi | October 22, 2008 10:39 AM

@13: More proof that people in politics (and business) are fucking crazy.

Posted by Greg | October 22, 2008 10:40 AM

Of course nice women's clothing is expensive, but I essentially agree with @4 and @13. This woman is actually working, and essentially the entire nation is watching. In her heyday, Nancy Reagan could have spent that entire budget on one outfit. Like it or not, women's fashion is huge business and the clothes worn by the political elite are closely followed by many (pace Jackie O or (ugh) Hillary's pant suits).

Besides, I'd much rather have the Rs spend their money on nice clothes than attack ads.

Women do bear the burden of having to wear so many different outfits. A man could wear the same suit for 20 days in a row, and as long as he switched between 3 or 4 neckties, no one would notice.

That said, it is high time (for Republicans) to stop harping on politicians like John Edwards who get nice haircuts so they don't look like goons on TV.

Posted by kk | October 22, 2008 10:49 AM

As always to the weak-sister nay-sayers: We won't stop using this. Everything the Republicans do wrong is use-worthy and everything we've ever used that you said not to use has worked in our favor. Yes, it was important that Mark Foley sent dirty messages to teenage boys and yes it's important that Sarah Palin is a hypocrite.

And @13, somehow other professional women across the world (remember Hillary Clinton?) manage to appear on camera everyday and dress for a hell of a lot less and look perfectly fine. And Palin repeats outfits CONSTANTLY. So you are mistaken on all counts.

Posted by whatevernevermind | October 22, 2008 10:50 AM

A Louis Vuitton handbag for her kid?! That's fucking obscene. I hope the GOP donors feel that their money has been well-spent. Perhaps the old pervs do - as Palin is dressed-up eye candy to them.

I'm sure Joe the Plumber feels even more connected to McCain-Palin.

Posted by Madashell | October 22, 2008 10:56 AM

The girls behind the guys look just like most of the conservative young women I've known: square-jawed, fair-haired, boring.

Like Ann (who?) on Arrested Development.

Posted by V | October 22, 2008 10:58 AM

Given that she has a clear history of using public funds for personal uses, such as charging plane tickets and hotel rooms for her children to the state of Alaska, this is a valid issue. This is a woman who claims to be for honesty in government but is happy to swill at the trough at the public's expense. If the GOP feel justified making this an issue to attack opponents, and it does actually influence voter opinions, the Dems should use this to fight back. Bringing the pervasive hypocrisy of the Right to light at every possible juncture and calling them on it is good sense.

Posted by inkweary | October 22, 2008 11:04 AM

Spend spend spend - it's the Socialist Republicans' way.

Posted by Will in Seattle | October 22, 2008 11:05 AM

jeez, its just a kusbuk fnarf. kusbuk/tiklik are quite popular and not so bad looking. they remind me of going to church and the old ladies wearing getting told off by i jokes.

Posted by Jiberish | October 22, 2008 11:15 AM

PC@1-- Where in God's name do you grocery shop?!

Posted by Joe M | October 22, 2008 11:32 AM

@12 The thing is kuspuks are not really available to purchase. When a white person is wearing one it is usually a gift given as a show of respect from an Alaska Native.

In Alaska (AK) there are basically two places Urban (white) and Rural (Native). When a politician wants to show support for Rural peoples they wear that kuspuk to show that some Native out there respects them enough to have given them a kuspuk.

In the area I live-Juneau-is Urban (Fake Alaska) by AK standards so any trapping of Rural/Native Alaska is tres chic.

@8 Most Alaskans do not talk like Palin. In SE AK we sound like West Coast. In the Rural it is either Native language or English with a very thick Native accent.

Palin's accent identifies her as coming from a part of AK known as "The Valley" which refers to the Matanuska-Susitna River valley. This is the destination of one of those Bridges to Nowhere. Which see plainly LIES about saying “No Thanks” to. The Valley is chock full of assholes who came here from Oklahoma and Texas following oil industry jobs. Anyone who is from Rural or Liberal Alaska thinks these religious-conservative whack jobs are ruining Alaska.

So sorry the rest of you have to deal with fucks like her now.

Posted by AK Rob | October 22, 2008 11:39 AM

@13: Please. You're getting your NY socialites mixed up with your Washington public servants. Two ENTIRELY different sectors, re fashion. I'm pretty sure Pelosi's jackets aren't several grand a piece. You can get quite a lot of attractive skirts and jackets in the 200-400 range, without even looking for sale items.

I don't really hold it against her, though. I think it was probably Cindy. This is how Cindy knows how to shop. She probably sent her personal shoppers out with Palin, and they shopped the way they know how to shop for Cindy. And it didn't occur to any of them that the prices were ABSURD. Because the McCains don't begin to live in the world the rest of us live in.

Posted by Terry | October 22, 2008 11:46 AM

@25, I'm got family in Alaska and when I spent time in Anchorage, I gotta say that kuspuks were readily available to the tourist-types. Maybe they aren't authentic, but heck, I got one at the Anchorage Farmer's Market. I think they're rather neat, and to be honest, I think I'd like looking at Palin a lot more if she wore more kuspuks. Maybe not in pink, though.

Posted by Glasses | October 22, 2008 11:47 AM

@25 - I think Palin was trying to show "respect" for Natives by wearing that kuspuk (the photo was taken in Barrow, btw) but it's really just a PR ploy for her. If she really respected Native Alaskans she would have appointed a Native person as her rural advisor. Oh, but she's "color blind" so it's ok.

And I seriously doubt that she would wear a kuspuk in Wasilla or Juneau - they're not really chic, more a way for white Alaskans to show off how "Alaskan" they are. Especially when they're politicians.

@9, the kuspuk is a hooded jacket with an attached skirt, you cheechako.

white person born, raised & fled from Alaska

Posted by asteria | October 22, 2008 12:51 PM

@ 5 - Doesn't he look like he's got his hand in his pants?

Posted by Madashell | October 22, 2008 1:06 PM

OOPS! I overlooked Dan's comment below the pic. My bad.

Posted by Madashell | October 22, 2008 1:08 PM

@10 ... Thanks! I like it myself. Now let's see a liberal who has the nerve to wear something serious and patriotic with elephants on it. Or I'd settle for just an American flag pin.

Posted by Seajay | October 22, 2008 1:36 PM

Is it just me or is that littlest Palin girl enjoying all this a bit too much? She's got crazy in her eyes that burns brighter than her mother's.

Posted by itsmarkmitchell | October 22, 2008 2:20 PM

It looks like she has the same Eskimo outfit that my step-mother has.

Posted by Simon | October 22, 2008 5:10 PM

News item from the other side: To appear on The View, Michelle Obama wore a dress costing all of $149.

It has proved so popular, that Nordstrom's has ordered a lot of them. They'll be selling for $99.

I guess you don't have to spend about three times the median income for a plumber to look good.

You just need style and taste.

Posted by John D | October 22, 2008 5:16 PM

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