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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gerard Damiano, R.I.P.

posted by on October 29 at 14:00 PM

The writer and director of Deep Throat is dead at age 80:

Over three and a half decades, Deep Throat has been damned by religious groups, decried by feminists, defended by First Amendment advocates, derided by critics and debated by social scientists. It dragged for years through local and federal courts around the country in a welter of obscenity trials in which it was variously banned, unbanned and rebanned. All this had the effect, observers agreed, of sustaining acute public interest in the film.

In interviews over the years, Mr. Damiano credited his work as a hairdresser with having given him a keen understanding of women. This helped him greatly, he made clear, in his later career.

“I was just a nice guy, which is why I think I did pretty well,” he told The News-Press of Fort Myers in 2005. “I mean, I’d meet an actress and have to say, ‘Sit down, take your clothes off — I’m going to ask you to do some nasty things.’ You have to be pretty nice.”

NYT obit here.

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This reminds me, Harry Reems is so fucking hot now. He's Christian, but whatever.

Posted by Mr. Poe | October 29, 2008 2:20 PM

Somebody wrote Deep Throat?

Posted by elswinger | October 29, 2008 2:33 PM

‘Sit down, take your clothes off — I’m going to ask you to do some nasty things.’

try it - it works every time!

Posted by max solomon | October 29, 2008 2:37 PM

@2 Clearly you've never seen it, as it is the Citizen Kane of porn.

Posted by T | October 29, 2008 4:01 PM

He's dead. But he has Blue Cross!

Posted by Karlheinz Arschbomber | October 30, 2008 1:35 AM

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