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I heard about this site. it's called

Posted by better site | September 18, 2008 1:58 PM

Shoofly pie is the best thing to happen in my life ever.

Posted by Little Red Ryan Hood | September 18, 2008 1:59 PM

Always the shoo-fly pie, never the apple pan dowdy.

Posted by kid icarus | September 18, 2008 2:07 PM

Agreed, @1.

If you're trying to grow search engine traffic for local listings (which I fully support), a good place to start would be to have urls that look like this:

instead of this:

The latter looks like an internal site search result, which Google hates.

Posted by Billiard | September 18, 2008 2:22 PM

@1: That would be true if Yelp's ratings/reviews could actually be trusted. 90% of the reviews I've read are people bitching about shoddy service rather than the taste of food, and most of the best Yelp-user rated restaurants I've visited are awful. Yelp seems to be a highly capricious consumer gripe-fest with little to do with actual taste and substance.

I'm not saying that the Stranger's user food reviews are unimpeachable, but Yelp is hardly something I'd hold up as, "better."

Posted by christopher h | September 18, 2008 2:41 PM

@5: I agree as well.

The point I'm trying to make is that the Stranger's local directory should by all accounts be SLAYING Yelp. I, for one, would love to see that happen.

Unfortunately, as long as basic technology architecture mistakes persist, this directory is dead in the water.

Posted by Billiard | September 18, 2008 3:08 PM

Is Yelp perfect? No. Is it more comprehensive and useful than a small city's alt-weekly, half-assed, snark-filled site? Oh you betcha.

Posted by burgin99 | September 18, 2008 3:08 PM

mmmm... Other Coast Cafe... Rajun Cajun Sub...

Posted by max solomon | September 18, 2008 3:16 PM

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