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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

“Thanks to their flexible lending rules, Paul got a quick approval”

posted by on September 30 at 15:55 PM

This WaMu ad from 1996:

Slog tipper NaFun says, “Not so funny anymore, is it?”

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Getting nailed in the nuts with a bowling ball is always funny.

Posted by Emily | September 30, 2008 4:13 PM

Whoa. I remember these ads like they were from a year ago. Bizarre. It's sad to see that WAMU is no more.

Posted by brappy | September 30, 2008 4:16 PM

Hey, isn't "Paul" that one guy from 30 Rock?

Posted by Scott in Chi-town | September 30, 2008 4:18 PM

Hahaha, yes it is, #3! And he looks about the same 12 years on. Guess he's one of those guys like Judge Reinhold or Brad Whitford; they look old when they're young, and their looks never change as they age.

Posted by laterite | September 30, 2008 4:34 PM

actually I thought that was pretty funny. 90's nostalgia ftw!

Posted by jean enersen's 90's hairdo | September 30, 2008 4:46 PM

Yes, but is he still smiling now that house he bought is in foreclosure?

Posted by yucca flower | September 30, 2008 4:56 PM

Dude, he bought that house in 1996! He's fucking golden - GOLDEN, I tells ya'!

Posted by COMTE | September 30, 2008 5:01 PM

HEY NaFun!!! It is not as funny, it's FUNNIER now!!!

Posted by Andrew | September 30, 2008 5:46 PM

COMTE for the not-so-obvious win @7.

Posted by Will in Seattle | September 30, 2008 7:37 PM

They're not that old. I remember the other one, with the brutally honest guy (Steel Magnolias - I bawled, man) from only a couple of years ago:

Posted by oscar | October 2, 2008 12:43 PM

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