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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Other Man

posted by on September 24 at 10:06 AM

The National Enquirer would like you to meet Sarah Palin’s second dude (left)…


…who looks a lot like Sarah Palin’s first dude (right). Gawker walks you through the allegations. Surely this will all be cleared up at Sarah Palin’s first press conference in, oh, October of 2010.

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At first I thought guy left was guy right but then I saw that guy right has meth mouth.

Posted by Fly-Over Illinois | September 24, 2008 10:15 AM

i'm so glad i shaved.

Posted by max solomon | September 24, 2008 10:24 AM

She's never going to give a press conference, and in November she'll get shipped right back to Alaska.

Posted by Greg | September 24, 2008 10:26 AM

Biden hasn't had a press conference either.

Posted by Bubble Popper | September 24, 2008 10:32 AM

This kind of crap is beside the point.

Read this instead about McCain and the proposed bailout.

Posted by Joe M | September 24, 2008 10:36 AM

#4, So who was that imposter criss-crossing Iowa and other states most of last year and the beginning of this taking questions from anyone who would ask. Sure looked like Biden to me. That person even fooled me into thinking he was Biden when I and a group of about 30 other folks met with him over coffee in Sheldon, Iowa one morning and answered every question any of us had, including the local press.

Posted by Mike in Iowa | September 24, 2008 10:42 AM

First Douche.

Posted by DOUG. | September 24, 2008 10:44 AM

I am loving the Enquirer right about now. It should be leading the charge on the investigation of all of the crazy rumors about Palin -- affairs, pretending her daughter's baby was her own, etc.

No respectable, or semi-respectable media outlet can touch it since they'll be crucified for their 'liberal bias' and for distracting from the issues.

But if the Enquirer turns up any kind of hard evidence that there was an affair (which, it doesn't sound like they have yet), then that evidence can still be put out into the public consciousness...

Posted by Julie in Chicago | September 24, 2008 11:01 AM

Oh goodie, The National Enquirer.

Posted by Phenics | September 24, 2008 11:02 AM

Joe M, why can't a reporter ask a direct question without repeating the first part 3 times?

Posted by Bellevue Ave | September 24, 2008 11:32 AM

You just know the entire family is on meth and that baby is not hers. They are so full of shit.

Posted by Jersey | September 24, 2008 11:56 AM

There's a saying amongst (hetero) women in Alaska: "The odds are good, but the goods are odd."

Posted by Legends of Palinistan | September 24, 2008 11:57 AM

Bellevue Ave @10, I'm totally with you. I had to squint when I was reading the transcript. I guess I'm too used to White House press conferences where the questions are concise and articulate, and the answers are a stammering hash of nonsensical bullshit.

Posted by Joe M | September 24, 2008 12:37 PM

Maybe all the men in Alaska look like that?

Posted by GS | September 24, 2008 4:05 PM

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