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Friday, September 12, 2008

Prosecutors File Charges in Mosque Death Threat

posted by on September 12 at 17:11 PM

King County prosecutors have filed felony harassment charges against a Seattle man for threatening a fellow member of the Idris Mosque in Northgate last month.

According to court documents filed on September 11th, the accused, Khalid Bouhdili, had been confrontational with other members of the mosque for about a year and had tried to “usurp leadership” of the mosque’s prayer services and “enforce his ‘radical’ views on the rest of the mosque’s attendees.”

Records say Bouhdili unsuccessfully attempted to take over the leadership of several prayer sessions at the mosque on July 12 and 14. On his second attempt, according to the documents, the victim—who we’re not naming—confronted him.

During the confrontation, court documents say, Bouhdili began yelling that the victim was wearing “non-Islamic clothes” and accused the man of being an FBI agent and “an enemy of the Prophet’s tradition.” Bouhdili then left the mosque, yelling, “The end of your life is near!”

One week later, Bouhdili returned to the mosque, again accused the victim of being an FBI agent, and attempted to take over another prayer session. According to the court filing, the victim subsequently contacted police, fearful that Bouhdili would “follow-through on what he construed as a…death threat.”

According to the victim, in conservative Islam, calling someone an “enemy of the Prophet” is considered a “death sentence” that “allow[s] and even encourage[s] anybody to kill the named ‘enemy’”

King County prosecutors have issued a warrant for Bouhdili’s arrest.

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What? Nobody is going to touch this one? Funny, you have plenty to say when a bat-shit crazy Christian spouts crap like this and tries to ram it down everyone's throat. Why don't you have anything to say about a bat-shit crazy Muslim trying to ram his extreme religious beliefs down the throats of other Muslims? If this were Pastor Hutch and he had pushed his way into somebody's church and threatened them for being "un-Christian" you'd have plenty to say. You'd be screaming for the thumb screws.

No offense but crazy is as crazy does. It doesn't matter if they're nutso x-tians or nutso Jews or nutso Muslims. Intolerant bigots deserve the same treatment.

Posted by yucca flower | September 13, 2008 8:37 AM

Ooooh, the reporter here didn't even bother to get the other side of the story. Did he call, or even try to call, Bouhdili. Did he bother to ask how much was spent in the arrest and prosecution of a person in what appears to be an internal mosque matter? No, of course not. Somebody please report him to Dan and Erica.

Posted by You're all hacks, too | September 13, 2008 2:56 PM

Uh oh. Did Jonah try to get a hold of Boudhili for his side of the story? Did he ask how much it costs to prosecute this case and whether doing so will have any effect on safety at the mosque? Did he find out whether there are members who support Boudhili? I didn't think so. What a hack!

Posted by You're all hacks, too | September 13, 2008 3:07 PM

It was a technical error that caused me to post twice on that. Sorry.

Posted by You're all hacks, too | September 13, 2008 3:09 PM

The man is clearly demented.

Posted by Greg | September 14, 2008 2:15 AM

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