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he's always left me cold. i want to like him, but i never get the impression that he actually CONNECTS with any woman onscreen--like it's all about HIM somehow. reminds me of burt reynolds that way, actually. sorry. ok, everybody else, tell me what an idiot i am.

Posted by ellarosa | September 12, 2008 6:53 PM

From what I hear... he gives a little love to everyone; so Paul you may have a chance.

Posted by Genevieve | September 12, 2008 7:12 PM

I want to not like him, to not find him attractive. I want to not see what most of the women and some of the men in America see in him, but I just can't help it. He sends all the signals directly to the reproductive center of my brain. Damn you Clooney!
[call me!]

Posted by mike in oly | September 12, 2008 7:22 PM

I wouldn't kick him out of my bed for eating cheese and crackers - and I might even think about drinking his bath water.

Plus he was nice to his aunt.

Posted by Catalina Vel-DuRay | September 12, 2008 7:44 PM

Mmmmm. Wet George Clooney. Thanks Lindy!

Posted by PopTart | September 12, 2008 7:49 PM

Every man has a mancrush for Clooney.

Posted by The CHZA | September 12, 2008 8:15 PM

Most hollywood hotties do nothing for me, but I swear, there is something deep in all of our genes that responds to that man. It's not even about (just) sex. . . he represents something about the species that we want to be.

I know that sounds very Mudede, but I'm being at least semi- sarcastic. ;)

Posted by violet_dagrinder | September 12, 2008 8:33 PM
Posted by John Bailo | September 12, 2008 9:30 PM

Arenít we all.

I know I am. And not just cause he is smoking hot (really!), but also cause of his unparallelled talent. Watch Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? & Syrianna in the same evening. It is hard to believe they are the same actor.

Of fuck it! I love him cause he's hot.


Posted by Mike in MO | September 13, 2008 11:00 AM

Dan Savage -brave warrior Oct. 2002

War may be bad for children and other living things, but there are times when peace is worse for children and other living things, and this is one of those times. Saying no to war in Iraq means saying yes to the continued oppression of the Iraqi people.

In the meantime, invading and rebuilding Iraq will not only free the Iraqi people, it will also make the Saudis aware of the consequences they face if they continue to oppress their own people while exporting terrorism and terrorists. The War on Iraq will make it clear to our friends and enemies in the Middle East (and elsewhere) that we mean business: Free your people, reform your societies, liberalize, and democratize... or we're going to come over there, remove you from power, free your people, and reform your societies for ourselves.

Posted by Caesar Salad | September 13, 2008 11:11 AM

Yes, please. Two, please.

Posted by Bauhaus | September 13, 2008 3:03 PM

I actually saw him today in Pacific Palisades. He was with a bunch of guys in Motorcycle leathers walking down the street, I actually didn't notice him at first, but he was being animated in this group and it stuck out, and then it dawn on me this was one of most popular stars in hollywood. He was taller than I expected, and he is good looking, but he was with a bunch of 40-50 year old men, and he wasn't the best looking of the group. But yes, he was kind of tall dark and hansome, with his salt and pepper hair...

Beware that George Clooney gets some help with a good photographer and some airbrushing but not much...

Posted by Ted | September 14, 2008 9:45 PM

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