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Monday, September 1, 2008

Bush Is Coming

posted by on September 1 at 14:25 PM

Laura, not Georgeónot yet, anyway.

Laura coming to the convention to encourage people to donate to relief efforts makes me wonder if George W. Bush might make it yet. Fly up from Texas, walk out on stage, wave, and then apologize for not having any prepared remarks since he wasn’t a plannin’ on a comin’. He says a few quick words about all the hard work he’s done over the last few days, encourages everyone to make a donation to relief efforts, and then gets the hell out of dodge. It would be a good stunt, it would get tons of press, and the focus would be on the hurricane and not on Bush’s performance in office and his catastrophic legacy.

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This is a great idea. In fact, they'd be dumb *not* to do this. Then again, they are pretty dumb, so they might not...

Posted by scott | September 1, 2008 2:34 PM

Its too bad alot of poor black people and their pit bulls won't die this time, right Dan?. It would make my day if we could use a bunch of useless deaths to make a political point. I guess we still have hope in Ivan, no?

Posted by Skippy | September 1, 2008 3:55 PM

WTF skippy?

Posted by Dan Savage | September 1, 2008 4:16 PM

@2 - It will be called Ike.

Nothing like showing your general cluelessness to fuck up whatever dumbass point you were misguidedly trying to make in the first place. Nimrod.

Posted by Wowza | September 1, 2008 4:37 PM

Listen. I'm in Baton Rouge with no power (the power is out to the entire parish). I'm on dialup with a laptop battery that is less than 50%.

Louisiana is in really, really bad shape, throughout the entire southern part of the state. The damage is really severe. I understand that there is other news out there, but why isn't anyone talking about this? This recovery process is going to be at least as long as the one from Katrina was going to be. The government has done a better job, as have the citizens, but the damage is..well...catastrophic.

There is a time for snarkiness, and I'm all for that, but this isn't it.

Posted by Sheryl | September 1, 2008 4:38 PM

I'm praying for you, Sheryl, and hoping you remain safe.

Posted by Sara | September 1, 2008 4:59 PM

I feel sorry for #5, I really do - but there's also been some pretty major ass flooding going down in India for the past month, affecting 2.3 MILLION people - and without specifically looking up the info somewhere, what are we hearing about that?

I'm not saying one is more important than the other - what I am saying is - if it's not happening in somebody's own backyard, that somebody has a good chance of being only marginally interested, at best.

Yes, it sucks. Say hello to the modern world.

Posted by Depressing but true | September 1, 2008 5:41 PM

I understand that Dubya has flown down to Texas and will be monitoring the storm from a presidential command station there. It is sounding to me like he's probably on vacation at his house in Crawford and watching (or more likely having an aide watch) the Weather Channel.

I wish no disrespect or indifference to the people who are actually having to deal with the storm and the destruction or death it causes, but I seriously doubt whether Bush gives a damn about his fellow Americans this time any more than he did last time.

Posted by Kaypro | September 1, 2008 8:21 PM

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