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Thanks for the mini Conduit review. The devs just released a little trailer that shows some of the control customization. But I guess the "general feel and interface" aspects you mention apply to the entire game.

Is it super crowded there? I was reading that lots of people had troubles getting in the panels. Is it worth coming there today or tomorrow and browsing?

Posted by stinkbug | August 30, 2008 1:03 PM

That's so weird -- I just bought Last Night on Earth a few days ago. I like it a lot, even though I've only played it twice, and according to the credits, film critic/nutjob Michael Medved plays the priest character. That's scarier than any zombie.

Posted by Kent M. Beeson | August 30, 2008 1:11 PM

@2: Ouch. Why would anyone play a character that you would want to feed to zombies?

Posted by demo kid | August 30, 2008 4:24 PM

Thanks for the Spore review.

Into each choice of species and civilizations a little "replacement" of species/civ must fall - just think of that when you worry about kicking the kid off of Spore ...

Posted by Will in Seattle | August 30, 2008 5:50 PM

plz send him home
he must be lost or something
fucking wii

Posted by horny | August 30, 2008 7:48 PM

Gawd, I was just thinking about how brave and prescient Dan was when he wrote this:

I get all tingly around the prostate just from re-reading it.

Posted by Josh | August 30, 2008 10:00 PM

Seriously, this post melted my geeky heart. Wish I were anywhere near Seattle.

Posted by MLeaver | August 31, 2008 7:44 AM

It was a lot of fun playing Last Night on Earth with you. It was a lot of fun! We all look forward to seeing you next year.

Posted by person34 | September 1, 2008 10:02 AM

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