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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Breaking: Scott White Says You’re All Invited To His Secret Party!

posted by on August 19 at 23:01 PM

The SECB just got back from Scott White’s party at a secret, undisclosed location (White’s North Seattle home).


When the SECB arrived, White—who’s in a hot race for a state house seat in the 46th district—immediately told us he wanted to set the record straight, and made it clear that the location of his party “wasn’t a secret”—as we’d said earlier—and that you’re all invited over. They’re almost out of beer, but they’ve got tiny little sandwiches!

White’s party was astonishingly low-key, and only about 15 or 20 volunteers and friends milled around White’s spacious home, while a herd of children—one of them apparently named “Bubba”—stomped through the house. No one seemed to be paying much attention to the election results, perhaps because it’s White’s wife’s 36th birthday, or something. White, however, did not offer the SECB any cake.

When asked about the numbers so far, White seemed pleased and said something about how much he loved grassroots campaigning. Then he told the SECB he had to get up early to sign-wave in the rain, and asked us to come by at some ungodly hour.

The SECB politely declined.

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Yummy! Mrs. Scott is a lucky lady. I'd put on a blue dress and get a box of cigars for him any day....

Posted by Pervy Perv.... | August 19, 2008 11:15 PM

I'm glad he didn't offer you anything. Grow a pair, jerks!

Posted by Matthew | August 19, 2008 11:38 PM

I for one am glad that the voters of the 36th and 46th districts will get to choose between two well-qualified Democrats in November.

Oh, and to you in the Cut Taxes For The Ultra-Rich GOP Party - thanks for the lawsuit that shut you out in two districts, morons.

Posted by Will in Seattle | August 20, 2008 1:16 AM

Good going Scott! And, Happy Birthday to Allison.

Posted by Barb & Sierra | August 20, 2008 8:13 AM

He's not a very good dresser, but he waived at me the other day at the University Village intersection. That's why I voted for him.

Posted by Easily amused | August 20, 2008 10:00 AM

I voted for Scott White because he took the time to come to our neighborhood and “doorbell” our home. We had a great discussion about education and the environment. I thought Scott was very sincere and intelligent. Frankly, we need more of that in politics.

Posted by Ravenna Mom | August 20, 2008 12:43 PM

I was one of the 50+ people who attended Scott's party last night which began at 7:30PM. If the Stranger Election Control Board arrived at 11PM, you missed most of the fun. Many of us had been up since 5AM to sign-wave with Scott and had left by 10PM. Oh, the reason no one may have offered SECB any birthday cake,is that the lovely bithday wife & Mom, Alison Carl White,prefers pie! There had been two fantastic homemade birthday pies. Don't come so late next time!

Posted by Gail Chiarello | August 20, 2008 4:51 PM

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