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Thursday, August 7, 2008

And They Shall Have Art in Windows

posted by on August 7 at 10:00 AM

From a work by Thom Heileson and Wyndel Hunt, seen last November at SOIL and headed to 4Culture’s windows.

The latest at 4Culture is e4c—an “electronic storefront gallery.” This means four LCD monitors in a window facing Prefontaine Place South, with art playing on them from 7 am to 7 pm, starting as soon as September.

The artists chosen for the first round are listed after the jump.

More art is always good. I do not know why 4Culture’s is obsessed with numbers attached to letters in combinations impossible to remember, but these things do not particularly matter.

What does matter is: What’s going on with the roof! Spill it, Jeppe and 4Culte4c2hhkhsj!

Tina Aufiero, Seattle, WA Using wireless video attached to balloons, Aufiero will create a nonlinear visual narrative framing urban and rural images of the Pacific Northwest.

Perry Bard, New York, NY Bard’s project, Man with Movie Camera, will be adapted for e4c. An interpretation of Dziga Vertov’s 1929 silent documentary, Bard will invite people to participate by submitting user generated content from Seattle.

Thom Heileson & Wyndel Hunt, Seattle, WA An adaptation of the artists’ work Oov, a media piece that combines Heileson’s imagery derived from Seattle’s construction landscape and interprets aural compositions by Hunt.

Stephen Hilyard, Madison, WI Always, a work by Hilyard will be adapted for e4c. This digital animation piece features a dancing cloud in a synthetic landscape with a vibraphone rendition of “You Were Always on My Mind.”

Salise Hughes, Seattle, WA Hughes will adapt existing work and develop a new work that explores her interest in decay, evolution and change. Hughes manipulates Hollywood film footage to create new contexts for famous characters.

Bennett Morris, Portland, ME Morris will adapt works that serve as portals into unknown worlds. With these pieces, he strives to raise questions about perception, the consequences of technology and of the nature of beauty.

Heather Dew Oaksen, Seattle, WA Informed by architecture, history of place and audience, Oaksen plans to adapt existing work and develop new site-specific work for e4c.

Relja Penezic, Los Angeles, CA Penezic’s work, Fragments of Unused Time, will be adapted for e4c. Building on landscape traditions he attempts to capture a sense of physical and conceptual place—an amalgam of symbolism and sensation.

Kamran Sadeghi, Seattle, WA Kha Variations e4c, a series of works that use the amplitude and frequency of sound to generate data, which then determines color, motion and depth within a digital graphics environment. The viewer will experience visual representation of sound.

Gazelle Samizay, Tucson, AZ Samizay explores her Afghan heritage and American upbringing through one constant: being a woman in both spaces. Her work, Noshe-e Jan (Bon Appétit), will share an intimate aspect of the Afghan woman’s experience through ritual and layered language.

Robert Zverina, Seattle, WA Each of Zverina’s films is a self-contained snapshot, but viewed sequentially narratives begin to emerge. He will curate a series of works for e4c from his thousands of 1 to 30 second video impressions of everyday life.

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