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Wednesday, July 9, 2008


posted by on July 9 at 13:00 PM

Seattle artist Shawn Patrick Landis, who uses inflatables to tense effect and who just took down an entire storm-tossed, suspended bedroom that was on display at Grey Gallery & Lounge, has also brought his blow-up works to the desertóright up against Michael Heizer’s classic work of earth art, Double Negative (1969-70).

I wish I’d known he was doing it; I’d have tried to talk my way into tagging along. (I’ll try to get an interview with him about the project when he gets back to town next month. Playing tag with other media=embarrassing.) The intervention landed Landis on the cover of this summer’s Sculpture magazine. Here’s the online excerpt; for the full story, the magazine is on sale at the Queen Anne Easy Street Records.

This reminds me: John Grade, another artist with roots in earthwork-style interventions (podcast here), has a solo show opening August 26 at Bellevue Arts Museum.

John Grade, carrying his work Collector on his back

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