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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Art, Cats, Mice, and Sex in Space

posted by on July 8 at 16:55 PM

It’s all here (and then here).

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I find it entirely unbelievable that NASA hasn't researched sex in space.

Posted by PopTart | July 8, 2008 5:06 PM

wow, you post ALOT on Slog.

I would prefer a little less coverage of art on this blog. Just my opinion.

Posted by stranger personals | July 8, 2008 5:06 PM

@2 -- Oh well that's just great. Jen takes the time to try and work a little art into the mix and you have nothing better to say than this puerile bloviation, no doubt typed by your snausage fingers between bites of ketchup-smeared Taco Time Mexi-Fries.

But OK, Einstein, let's hear what it is exactly you'd like MORE of. Do you have any solutions, or just garden variety bullshit?

Posted by Jubilation T. Cornball | July 8, 2008 5:19 PM

the first here link doesn't appear to

Posted by Kristin Bell | July 8, 2008 5:24 PM

Jesus are we back to discussing what Slog should and shouldn't be again? Slog is a reflection of the coverage in the Stranger and that coverage includes art. Skip over it if you don't like it but some of us actually do care about art and enjoy seeing the posts.

p.s. her second link in this post was about sex in space, not art, so there.

Posted by PopTart | July 8, 2008 5:34 PM

I adore metablogging.

I don't understand why @2 gets away with "alot" as there ain't no such word but it don't get away with whining about art posts. It just don't make no sense that the grammer it's grammer and spelling weren't called into question. Priorities.

Posted by umvue | July 8, 2008 5:39 PM

You misslept "grammar", and "the grammer it's grammer and spelling" makes no grammatical sense. So there.

If you don't like the art postings you can fly right by them. I don't like very much of the art Jen posts, but it constitutes one of the top few art blogs in the country, which is something impressive.

Posted by Fnarf | July 8, 2008 5:47 PM

@7 -- Hahaha. You misspelled misspelled.

Posted by Jubilation T. Cornball | July 8, 2008 5:50 PM

@6 Why are you trolling? You are alot better than that. Take him/her to task yourself stats man.

Speaking of meta are you going Thursday night?

p.s. Fnarf he misspelt not misslept though he may have done that too and besides isn't it misspelled? Or are you trolling as well?


Posted by PopTart | July 8, 2008 5:51 PM

OK. Sure. I'll have sex in space. When?

Posted by elenchos | July 8, 2008 5:53 PM

Although considering how much CO2 would be emitted on a 36 million mile trip from Earth to Mars, I don't think we should go.

What about instead, like, a "staycation" but for space exploration?

Posted by elenchos | July 8, 2008 5:57 PM

All is more better in the universes.

As for the art posts... I think they're swell. They seem kind of lonely sometimes, though, what with that "PERMALINK | POST COMMENTS (0)" line at the bottom. And, yeah, the art may not be much to like but that's just 'cause it's art. Alot of art is crap. Fine art. Music. Poetry. Prose. Alot of crap. Also difficult to write sensible comments about a _photo_ of a fine art.

As for sex in space. Liquids and other fluidy substances are a real no-no floating about. Ain't they?

Posted by umvue | July 8, 2008 5:59 PM


Posted by infrequent | July 8, 2008 6:06 PM

You people are easy. Misplelsing "misspelt" is the oldest troll in the book. Plus, it's an Internet Law, that every grammar or slelping correction must contain at least one grammar or pelsling error itself.

Posted by Fnarf | July 8, 2008 6:07 PM

There's probably been lots of gay sex in space. Gemini... Skylab... Soyuz......

Posted by Big Sven | July 8, 2008 6:19 PM

@14 Why, yes, yes Fnarf I am easy why can't I convince anybody else of that????

@12 Can't the err, um fluid emissions from sex in space be contained? I mean pee still happens doesn't it? And don't tell me those guys haven't at least jerked off up there.

Elenchos, wait until the baby is at least a few months old before contemplating space sex.

Posted by PopTart | July 8, 2008 6:28 PM

I would like to have sex in space. I volunteer to have sex in space. Please let me have hot man sex in space.

Posted by Aden | July 8, 2008 6:39 PM

@6 The exception that proves the rule. The rule is proved: I am not better than that. I plan to happy hour Thursday unless I have the opportunity to space sex (or to terrestrial sex even).

@14 Its also one of the most mispelled words in English. And the key to a classic brain teaser.

@12 The space sex fluid emissions can be contained if one engages in acts such that fluid containment is possible. And, yes, pee happens. And, I think, they have a nifty vacuum system (which might be suitable for other purposes as well?).

Posted by umvue | July 8, 2008 6:56 PM

Not during the Gemini Program @15. Imagine spending two weeks strapped into a Mazda Miata - there wasn't even enough room for those guys to remove their spacesuits, let alone get jiggy.

Although, I suppose, technically, hand-jobs would have been possible, but really that would have been about the extent of it.

Posted by COMTE | July 9, 2008 9:58 AM

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