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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Reading Tonight

posted by on June 17 at 10:37 AM


Three readings today.

At the University Book Store, Lawrence Cheek reads from Year of the Boat, about building a boat in his garage over the course of a year. Just like Noah! Only without the animals.

At the Seattle Mystery Bookshop, we have Jeffery Deaver, who wrote the Lincoln Rhyme thriller The Broken Window. Deaver read last night at the University Book Store. I was not in attendance, so I can’t tell you if it was a thrill ride or a snoozer, but I can tell you that this is your last chance for some Deaver-affection until at least his next book. So go on and cuddle up today:

Awwww, he wuvs puppies!

And at Elliott Bay Book Company, Thomas Kohnstamm reads from Do Travel Writers Go To Hell? I thought that this book was going to be just another ‘wacky’ book about travel writing, but after doing a little research, I discovered that it looks really interesting. Kohnstamm was a writer for Lonely Planet travel guides, and he alleges that the industry is so ill-paying that the authors have to do illicit things like take freebies and sell ecstasy to keep financially afloat. This is clearly the reading of the day.

Full readings calendar, including the next week or so, is over here.

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