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Friday, June 27, 2008

More Time-Based Goodness: Free Sheep Foundation

posted by on June 27 at 11:24 AM

The news this morning from D.K. Pan, who brought you the marvelous and smelly Bridge Motel Project, and The Belmont sendoff featuring Implied Violence, is that he’s working on this great thing:


The Free Sheep Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to foster site-specific projects through artistic interventions in architectural spaces. The foundation seeks partnerships with developers, architects, government agencies, and other arts organizations to identify and occupy buildings void of activity, opening these spaces to artists as facilities for cultural production; artist studios, exhibition and performance space. In transforming disused spaces, the foundation serves to integrate artists within the process of development. Through investigation and research, each project will contribute to the continuum of the past and future memories of a site; commemorating the growth of the city.

2400 Third Avenue Project The foundation has leased part of a 10,000 square foot, single story building in the Belltown area of downtown Seattle. This project includes 5 artist studios, a gallery / performance space, and 4 storefront window exhibition spaces. Our lease agreement with Martin Selig Real Estate expires December 31, 2008 (with the possibility of a 3-month extension).

The curatorial vision of this project centers around 4 programs; installations for storefront windows, collaborative projects for interior gallery, nightly display of projected video, and live performances.

Installation A roster of 6 artists will be chosen for 3-month occupancy cycles in each bay of storefront windows. The emphasis will be on projects which utilize a time-based, site-specific process in exhibition. Gallery A series of group shows based on an interactive game between artists. The artifacts of the game will be exhibited in a monthly opening (in coordination with the Belltown Art Walk). These games will engender dialogue between artists in the pursuit of play, while simultaneously creating a record of the interactions of those involved. Video A program of video shorts focusing on works with non-linear narrative with an emphasis on visual poetry as related to explorations of place. FSF will exhibit 3-5 filmmakers each month in a nightly display on an exterior screen. Performance In conjunction with the gallery opening, there will be a monthly event featuring local and national performers, as well as special programs of music, dance, theater events throughout the month.

The reason it’s important is that it’s not some abstract exercise; it’s a series of ephemeral monuments to the ephemeral monument we all live in, the city. Up with project-based nonprofits!

Here’s the site for the first installment:


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Oh! I love that building. Used to be a decent record store in there. Those are awesome storefronts, almost a blueprint for what they SHOULD be putting in the ground floor of all these new buildings. Beauty + function = win. Unfortunately, I can't understand a word of that press release.

Posted by Fnarf | June 27, 2008 11:43 AM

Slowing economy means that this building will be there for a long time.

Posted by Fitz | June 27, 2008 11:53 AM

those glass cubes you see on that building are NEVER in any league with beauty.

Posted by Your hill smells of carrorts | June 27, 2008 11:58 AM

Pan is a phenomenally creative and productive man, and he should certainly be on the shortlist, at least, for the next Genius award. He's been putting his stamp all over this town, not just his motel series but also the Butoh Festival at On The Boards, a series of great performances at the old CoCA, some wild shows on the Kalakala, etc. etc. I'm looking forward to this new series.

That being said, Fnarf is right about the press release. It's gobbledygook. If I didn't already admire the guy the press release wouldn't bring me anywhere near him. Is it that hard to find a copy editor in a city full of would-be writers?

Posted by Gurldoggie | June 27, 2008 11:59 AM

yes, definitely need more of this kind of public art in seattle, and less of the aluminum sculpture variety.

i gotta get on this bandwagon.

Posted by boxofbirds | June 27, 2008 11:59 AM


Posted by Damien | June 27, 2008 12:15 PM

i actually understood that press release for a change. but that understanding could be ephemeral.

Posted by chops | June 27, 2008 12:20 PM

Hooray for d.k.!!!! Get that man some serious cash to distribute amongst the masses....He is a blessing for this city!

Posted by MadDog | June 27, 2008 12:52 PM

thx for the support! certainly a copy editor would be great, writing ain't my strong suit. if anyone would like to help clarify the mission statement and help edit future foundation announcements for the masses, email me...

Posted by dk pan | June 27, 2008 1:29 PM

I used to work in that building (Print Source) and used to shop at International imports. It is where I discovered Lush and The Pail Saints.

Posted by elswinger | June 27, 2008 2:00 PM

Oh so the sign I saw on the window while I was on the bus *did* say "Free Sheep"! I thought my contact prescription needed to get checked.

Posted by Sarah | June 27, 2008 2:55 PM

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