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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Kink is Born

posted by on June 4 at 14:45 PM


From the AP:

A teacher in the Oakridge School District has been placed on paid administrative leave after allegedly taping a student to a chair because he wouldn’t sit down.

Superintendent Don Kordosky declined to identify the teacher Tuesday, but confirmed she was removed from her Oakridge Elementary School classroom last week after the mother of a 9-year-old boy reported the May 28 incident.

The boy’s mother, Becky Faile, does not have a listed phone number and could not be reached for comment Tuesday night. In interviews with local television stations, she said the teacher taped her son from his knees to his chest after he refused requests to sit down.

Faile said her son’s poor behavior was not a strong enough reason for him to be humiliated in front of his peers.

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Shit, when I was in third grade I used to wander around the room in the middle of class for no discernable reason... as punishment, my teacher exiled me (along with several other misfits) to sit in the coat closet for several months.

Didn't seem all that horrible at the time, and for some reason she sticks out as one of my favorite elementary school teachers. (For other reasons, of course)

Posted by UNPAID BLOGGER | June 4, 2008 3:03 PM

That's hot.

Posted by Justin | June 4, 2008 3:03 PM

i prefer not to get boners at work, thank you.

Posted by max solomon | June 4, 2008 3:07 PM

Shit yeah that's hot.

In 3rd grade, the resident troublemaker was tasked with cleaning his desk. They were those ones with the large opening at the front that were basically impossible to keep neat and organized.

When he said he was done, she went to look inside the desk. Apparently she wasn't satisfied, because she dumped the entire contents of his desk onto the floor and told him to try again.

Posted by w7ngman | June 4, 2008 3:17 PM

I typically have to pay extra for that type of treatment.

Posted by rtm | June 4, 2008 3:53 PM

Actually, public humiliation should be used as punishment for bad behavior. Taping kids to chairs? Not so much.

Posted by Greg | June 4, 2008 4:29 PM

I had a babysitter tie me to a chair once. Deserved it too. When my folks got home they gave her an extra tip.

I made another babysitter run howling and racked with sobs out of the house. I was a bad kid. I'm sorry Mindy, wherever you are, and the other one too, whatever your name was.

Posted by Fnarf | June 4, 2008 5:30 PM


Posted by Jubilation T. Cornball | June 4, 2008 5:37 PM

one of my kidergarten's most traumatic memories is of my teacher telling a classmate that she would tape his mouth shut if he would't stop crying. I was four and I clearly remember thiking "hey, that's WRONG, I am scared of her"

Posted by tinydoc | June 4, 2008 6:03 PM

Seriously, it's not like the kid was physically harmed. It sounds no worse than being made to sit in the corner. That mom needs to chill the fuck out.

Posted by Sarah | June 4, 2008 6:14 PM

I bet the teacher fapped after class.

Posted by Sirkowski | June 4, 2008 6:15 PM

That's it, I'm taping Mrs. Switzer up this weekend.

Posted by switzerblog | June 4, 2008 6:34 PM

kinda creeped out that people think taping 9-year-olds up it "hot", but whatever.

also, someone please tell me what this is all about:

Posted by Justin | June 4, 2008 6:54 PM

Remembered another traumatic punishment memory: In 2nd grade, a classmate had a problem with spitting... so the teacher made him stand in the corner and fill up a glass with his spit, then drink it.

Posted by UNPAID BLOGGER | June 4, 2008 6:56 PM

it leaves me wondering: for how long? wish the journalist had bothered to ask.

Posted by ellarosa | June 4, 2008 7:28 PM

But did she leave him alone? That's the real question here.

Posted by Greg | June 4, 2008 10:41 PM


Man, that's almost as bad as parents hitting their children to get the kids to stop crying. I have never seen that work. Idiots.

When my mom was in kindergarten, her teacher wouldn't let her go to the bathroom until she asked in perfect English and actually made my mom stand in the corner when she failed to deliver. And, she (my mom, not the teacher) inevitably wet herself.

Posted by keshmeshi | June 4, 2008 10:48 PM

@13 its the picture at the top that is hot, not taping up 9 year olds. just fyi.

Posted by nicole | June 5, 2008 9:03 AM

Should have taped his mouth shut also...

Posted by Yeahhhhhh!!!! | June 5, 2008 9:18 AM

I am a single mother with a 14 year old child with ADHD who regularly gets “sent out of the room” because he cannot/will not sit still. I also happen to love to be tied up and even suspended in my personal life. However, I do not think tying or taping children to a chair is proper discipline for students and I certainly don't think this teacher should be allowed to teach. I think teachers should have more rights than they do about disciplining the students...but tying them up is not an option! Come on people, this is not BDSM between two consenting adults; this was, in my opinion, child abuse.

Posted by Sammi | June 5, 2008 10:30 AM

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