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Monday, May 12, 2008


Lunchbox Laboratory at Lunchbox Laboratory

I've been longing to visit Ballard's "new experiment in premium hamburgers" since Bethany Jean Clement sang its praises in these pages two weeks ago (and I'm a vegetarian). "These are exceptionally good burgers... It's your choice of eight or so different kinds of organic, ground-on-site meat; 15 different cheeses; 15 different house-made sauces; and a half-dozen more toppers (maple bacon, caramelized onions). Milkshakes, no-lumps-style, are apportioned in 400mL lab glassware. Then there are fries, twisty fries, sweet-potato fries, tater tots...." (Lunchbox Laboratory, 7302 15th Ave NW, 706-3092. 11 am–8 pm.)


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