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Friday, May 23, 2008

In the Last 24 Hours (or more) on Line Out

posted by on May 23 at 12:26 PM

Tonight in Music: Treasure Fingers, Holy Ghost Revival, the Presets, Thrice, Rainfest.

Trent Moorman Investigates: The Male Yoko, Yoko Erectus.

Pearlman’s in Prison: No longer will he poison the music industry.

BYOP’s “Violent” Songs See Light of Day: Three songs held from Be Your Own Pet’s most recent album (due to violent lyrics) will be released next month. Watch out for pizza-eating teenagers.

Sound Check: Trent Moorman interviews USE’s Jon E. Rock.

New Saturday Knights: Larry Mizell tells you where to find it for free.

Maps & Atlases: Jeff Kirby on their “unique blend of math rock and freak folk.”

Your Daily Dose of R. Kelly: An already weird trial takes a turn for the weirder.

The Anniversary: New collection of B-sides takes Eric back to the days of mix tapes.

New Weezer Video: It stars the stars of YouTube (including Chris Crocker and Tay Zonday).

Speaking of Mix Tapes: Brian Cook wants his duel tape deck back.

Folklife This Weekend: Sasquatch has better bands, but Folklife has elephant ears.

Something Else Sasquatch Might Have?: Rain.

They Didn’t Have Cell Phones in 1982: But I swear I hear one ringing in “Rock the Casbah.”

“Bit Cocky, Isn’t He?”: Griet Verlinde on Eurovision’s second semi-finals.

Your New Favorite Music Critic: The Matos Family.

Lords of the North at King Cobra, from the Stranger Flickr Pool:


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