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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hitler Did God’s Work

posted by on May 21 at 13:00 PM

God sent Hitler to “hunt” European Jews so that the Jews would get with the whole Zionism program, move to Palestine, found Israel, and help bring about the Second Coming of Christ. So says John McCain’s pastor, John Hagee. It’s up at the Huffington Post.

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Boy, just when I thought I was over being shocked by these scumbags....

Posted by Providence | May 21, 2008 1:09 PM

Since when is Hagee McCain's minister? Can't we hit Grandpa McCain with, like, facts and stuff?

Posted by Big Sven | May 21, 2008 1:10 PM

Mr. Hagee is not Mr. McCain's pastor, certainly not in the sense that Rev. Wright was Mr. Obama's pastor. Still, Mr. McCain has accepted Hagee's support, and that's always a tricky issue for a politician.

Posted by nightlifejitters | May 21, 2008 1:12 PM

Awaiting the response of SHOCK and OUTRAGE from MSNBCNNFOX in - 3..2..1..0..

Oh, right. Only preachers who make bat-shit crazy statements on behalf of Democratic candidates produce responses of shock and outrage from the likes of O'Reilly, Scarborough, Linbaugh, Malkin, et al.

Sorry, my bad.

Posted by COMTE | May 21, 2008 1:13 PM

My understanding is Rev. John Hagee is not Sen. John McCain's pastor. McCain is a baptised Episcopalian from Arizona. Hagee is a San Antonio, TX based evangelical, Israel-centric, protestant Christian. Granted, Hagee is a Know-Nothing bigot who endorsed McCain (who accepted then distanced himself from) but he is hardly McCain's pastor.

Posted by lark | May 21, 2008 1:18 PM

Hagee is not McCain's pastor, just a batshit crazy McCain supporter who happens to be a pastor.

He also called the Nazis "agents of God's boundless love." Pretty damn fucked up.

Posted by Hernandez | May 21, 2008 1:19 PM

Is Hagee one of those "red kine" nutjobs?

Posted by Westside forever | May 21, 2008 1:21 PM

Bush used this technique. You first make unmistakable signals that you are fully in tune with their extremist beliefs, then you let media outcry and public pressure force you, for political reasons, to back away from it. The key is to back away slowly. And to backslide from time to time.

Examples of this are calling the invasion of Afghanistan a "crusade" or tolerating a fundie general who called Moslems satanists, but it goes back earlier.

The point is to fool all of the people all of the time. The fundies believe that you're a fundie at heart, and the rest of the public buys your excuses that you didn't mean to subscribe to anything that extreme.

Posted by elenchos | May 21, 2008 1:27 PM

Then, when the apocalypse happens, God will finish the job by exterminating all nonbelievers, including Jews. I'm sure that asshole (Hagee, not God) loves the Nazis.

Posted by keshmeshi | May 21, 2008 1:35 PM

So if the Nazi's were doing the Lords will, why couldn't they just ASK them to leave and invade Palestine?

Either sit around and and get gassed, tortured, and have your corpses burned, OR you can take your chances with the Palestinians.

Posted by OR Matt | May 21, 2008 1:49 PM

Holy SHIT! I just listen to the serman, according to Haggee, the Israelies WERE asked to leave.

Posted by OR Matt | May 21, 2008 1:59 PM

Did you notice Sen McCain would NOT say the magic words to disown and disavow him?

Not even on Comedy Central to Jon Stewart?

Why does McSame hate our American values so?

Posted by Will in Seattle | May 21, 2008 2:03 PM

Thanks for the distinctions on pastor vs. supporter, previous posters. As an Episcopalian, I was all "wha?"...that did not sound like any Anglican sermon I'm used to hearing on Sunday...

Posted by j4zz3rgrl | May 21, 2008 2:12 PM

It's true, he's not his pastor. But he still holds his hand and basks in the evil glow of his support when it suits his needs.

Come on, McCain: denounce the fucker.

Posted by Fnarf | May 21, 2008 2:22 PM

if only this guy was a lone individual.

Posted by wf | May 21, 2008 3:01 PM

for Hitler,
and Germany...

Posted by Greg | May 21, 2008 3:47 PM

He's not John McCain's Pastor but somebody should sit him down and shut him up!
Hagee says a lot of wacko stuff. I can't understand how anybody can stand to look at him long enough to listen to what he has to say!

Posted by mj | May 21, 2008 4:13 PM

If the Nazis were just doing God's work, then will someone explain to me why the Lost Ark of the Covenant melted so many of them?

Posted by NapoleonXIV | May 21, 2008 4:29 PM

@17, I don't agree. I think Hagee should appear by McCain's side every night on the news, and should be given at least fifteen minutes every day to expound his views. And every time he says the word "Hitler", McCain should kiss him on the mouth.

Posted by Fnarf | May 21, 2008 5:16 PM

Hey numb-nuts, Hagee is NOT McCain's pastor.

Posted by CA | May 21, 2008 9:15 PM

That should have made this list. It's pretty damning, especially considering that McCain has praised his understanding of Israel and sought his spiritual counsel.

Hey CA@20, read the rest of the comments. We know. Neither, technically, is Rod Parsley, though he's also an ally whom McCain calls his "spiritual adviser". McCain's conversion from Episcopalian to Southern Baptist in the last few years makes it difficult to know where he stands, but he still should have to renounce bigoted support as Obama had to renounce Rev Wright.

I read a good letter to the editor (in TIME of all places) defending Rev. Wright and black churches, describing them as fiercely patriotic, but not nationalistic. The writer closed with: "We love America, but are not infatuated with her."

Posted by V | May 21, 2008 10:44 PM

Sidenote: Goebbels said that since he was a member of the National Socialist Party (Nazi) he was naturally a Zionist.

But Haggie is just an endorser of McCain and not his pastor which is true. Still, McCain should have vetted him much better before hopping in the political sack with him. But I am not holding my breath for McCain to reject and denounce him. Especially since the callendar breaks down as Rejection Mondays and Denounciation Tuesdays and Shunning Wednesdays oh and Appeasement Fridays.

Posted by Cato the Younger Younger | May 22, 2008 7:36 AM

Please update the post so that there are no more commenters pointing out [as if previous commenters were not enough] that he's not his pastor.

Everyone else,
Does he have to be his pastor? McCain sought Hagee's endorsement. It's repudiate and denounce time. Of course McCain doesn't want to, because he wants the moron vote. But can you imagine if Obama had sought the endorsement of Farrakhan? Whom he had to reject and denounce live on tv because - I dunno, they're both black?

Look, McCain can even say "Hagee's a great guy in many ways [provide list], but I don't agree with him on this." What Obama did to Wright after the youtubes. That's all I ask.

Posted by Phoebe | May 22, 2008 1:34 PM


You mean like “Obviously, I find these remarks and others deeply offensive and indefensible,” and “I did not know of them before Reverend Hagee’s endorsement, and I feel I must reject his endorsement as well?”

McCain does not appear to be as big of a dick as most Republican candidates.

Posted by Big Sven | May 22, 2008 4:35 PM

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