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Monday, May 5, 2008

Dan on the 358 Metro Bus on Aurora

posted by on May 5 at 9:45 AM

Sometimes you meet someone who restores your faith in humanity. Most would think he is completely insane, but I think he is just too smart for his own good.
I saw you messing with that camera. I shot a picture of Marilyn Monroe’s car there at the casino on 165th. Point and shoot—a Pentax point and shoot—and I get some of the damn best pictures you ever did want to see. They got one of mine in a gallery with this $10 camera from the flea market.
What gallery?
Kirsten gallery. I didn’t want to make any money, it wasn’t about that.
First you need to become a master of light. Study lighting. All right? Because it’s all light. You have to be an artist of light. What the hell do you think that camera is all about?
Right. A box that captures light.
Be enlightened: If you are enlightened, you are creative.
It’s a bummer; it’s a no-brainer as far as I am concerned. For the art… best way to go. Eighty-one years on the planet, gone the hard way.
Shit, I’ve been over there…. in all kinds of environments, and every kind of atmosphere.
Over in…?
War and all its violence.
I’ve been around Mystics, people that meditate all the time. They are the best people. Think of super-positive stuff—I empty my mind and go to that secret place. That’s what I’ve learned. Let go, let God. Turn off all that emotions and bullshit that goes through your mind. You meditate?
I skateboard.
Good Idea. That’s a good idea! Don’t follow me; do your own thing, alright? That’s what I say. That’s the way I play. When you do things for the fun of it, sometimes things turn out better. Right?
You got to fix your mind on a little better than perfect. That’s what my mom told me. Work perfect. Then if you come under that, you will still be perfect. Go for the highest; go for the best. Set your goals high. If you don’t to well, you’ll still do okay. Keep healthy—health’s number one.
I’m going in now to bet on the Kentucky Derby.

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