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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

In the Last 24 Hours on Line Out

posted by on April 2 at 13:34 PM

See What The Stranger is Listening to: Via our new account.

Rock Lottery 4: See whose names are goin’ in the hat.

New Video: Goldfrapp’s “Happiness”

Man vs Muppet: The epic drum off.

The Final Four: It’s down to Slats, EYE, Barfly, and Jackie Hell. Who’s gonna take it?

Today’s Music News: Jay-Z and Beyonce’s wedding news, Neil Young’s new album, and Yes’ tour buddies.

Commercial Rock: Throw Me the Statue get prime airplay in Rhapsody commercial.

Tonight in Music: Snuggle, Subhumans, and Little Wings.

Weezer’s New Album: It’s gonna be another color one.

The Turn-Ons Give Your Their New Record For Free: You can download it here.

Dumped: Velvet Revolver gives Weiland the boot.

More on X’s Billy Zoom: And what he does and doesn’t do while playing.

Dexter Wansel: Bridging the gap between jazz, funk, soul, and disco.

April Foolin’: Have you been Rickrolled?


The Cute Lepers by Lauren Max.

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