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Posted by Sirkowski | February 29, 2008 9:54 PM

I could've sworn there was a moment where Hitchens called Dan "sweetie", and they cut to Dan giving him a look like "I'm gonna kick your fucking ass"


Posted by paul in kirkland | February 29, 2008 10:04 PM

Why was he a douchebag? I missed it. I have mixed feelings about him...

Posted by Sage | February 29, 2008 10:17 PM

He's a douchebag 'cause it makes him money.

Posted by Hernandez | February 29, 2008 10:18 PM

Yeah, the substance of what he says is often alright, it's just that he's, you know, a douchebag.

Posted by Anthony Hecht | February 29, 2008 10:20 PM

You live blog fashion shows, awards and debates, why aren't there any live blogging of the Maher show? :(

Posted by ahhhhhhhhhhh | February 29, 2008 10:27 PM

hitchens is funny and right on the money. if you don't like him you are a retard.

Posted by someone somewhere | February 29, 2008 10:40 PM

Ping Pong! Ding Dong!

Posted by Mister Po' | February 29, 2008 10:56 PM

I'm sure Dan was his usual self.

But what did you think about Christopher Hitchens?

Posted by NapoleonXIV | February 29, 2008 11:39 PM

I've watched him debate and give speeches for hours on Youtube. He is a bit if a bastard sometimes. But he is one of of the brave few who safehoused Salman Rushdie right after the fatwa, he speaks up forcefully on the moral obligation to protect Ayaan Hirsi Ali and he is one of the most powerful and eloquent voices against the Islamic fundamentalist intimadation and censorship out there. I think he is minutes away from having a fatwa put on his own head. So fine. Yeah. He's a douchebag. And drunk. And fat.

Posted by Loushka | February 29, 2008 11:42 PM

Drunk? I didn't think so, yet I was having a couple myself... If so, he should have given the Simpson guy a couple, he was pretty much a dud.
At first I thought Hitchens was a total asshole, but I thought he redeemed himself at the end. At least he knew about his topic, even if I didn't give a shit.
Dan was good on the show, but really...Other than liking dick, I think I can speaks for homos everywhere when I say, is that all you had to wear?? Did you luggage get lost? You looked nicer in the pic with the snow coming up to your johnson.
And why the continuation of ripping on the Clintons regarding gay rights? DOMA is one thing. Clinton approved "don't ask, don't tell" b/c other than that gays weren't allowed in the military, period. Do I think it is good enough? Hell no. But, at the time the right wing was SCREAMING about this. And now it is used as an insult. At the time, it was a very liberal-almost gay friendly-stance, given the era. Rome wasn't built in a day, and homos won't have equal rights in a day. The Clintons have done much to help it. Baby steps suck, but thats all that America can handle.
Long live the lesbo!!

Posted by Joy | March 1, 2008 12:31 AM

I love Hitchens. Yes, he's a drunk fat douchebag. But goddam, he gives a great lecture.

Posted by camipco | March 1, 2008 1:34 AM

I thought it was wrong to judge a person on their appearance. It's always refreshing how easily the more shallow among us display their inability to separate the man from the message.

Posted by montex | March 1, 2008 2:55 AM

Here it is, folks:

Nicely done, Dan.

Posted by V | March 1, 2008 5:00 AM

Well, you only get one link per post, so I'll go with this classic:
Chew On This, published in the Stranger in January 2003, prior to the Iraq invasion.

Choice Quotes:

Now we have an imperfect but recovering Afghanistan, with its population increased by almost two million returned refugees. Have you ever seen or heard any of those smart-ass critics and cynics make a self-criticism? Or recant?

Good question, Hitch. Or this:

And I shall add that any "peace movement" that even pretends to care for human rights will be very shaken by what will be uncovered when the Saddam Hussein regime falls. Prisons, mass graves, weapon sites... just you wait.

Ooh, slam dunk. I guess he's right, folks. We have to invade Iraq! A smart-sounding man (he has a British accent, for crying out loud!) will make fun of us if we don't!

Posted by flamingbanjo | March 1, 2008 5:29 AM

Maher was also being a douche. I'm an unabashed Obama guy and Clinton detractor, but his joke about Hillary's different personalities made even me uncomfortable. Maybe there really is something to her media sexism claims.

Posted by blue22 | March 1, 2008 8:37 AM

@16 Yeah, don't forget that Bill Maher is also a douche, particularly in regards to Hillary Clinton in particular and to women in general; it's just that on this particular episode Hitchens was there to be the asshole.
Although, did anyone notice that Hitch had not one but two mugs at his seat? Any guesses on just what was in the second mug?

Posted by Ursula | March 1, 2008 8:58 AM

Was it Maher's 2003 "Victory Begins at Home" HBO special where he said (with no irony) we have a right to torture all those murderous Islammyfascists because they don't respect the rule of law? You can't make up lines like that.

Posted by elenchos | March 1, 2008 9:11 AM

Maher is a sexist douche. You always know when someone says "I'm not a sexist/racist/homophobe but..." the next thing out of their mouth will be incredibly sexist/racist/homophobe.

Video is also up on YouTube:

Posted by Henrietta | March 1, 2008 9:31 AM

He might be a douchebag on TV and entrenched about Iraqistan, but "God Is Not Great" is a terrific book.

(The glares between Dan and Hitchens on Maher were priceless, though.)

Posted by Andy Niable | March 1, 2008 9:45 AM

@16 Media sexism? Ya think?

Posted by caroline | March 1, 2008 9:50 AM

I don't know why but this is my favorite slog post evah!

Posted by Jimmy | March 1, 2008 10:01 AM

So is Dan a regular on Maher now?

Posted by Joey the Girl | March 1, 2008 10:21 AM

Dan would have been absolutly sterling if he had stopped by a tailor and adorned dappier threads. Not an venue to wear a polo shirt.

Posted by raindrop | March 1, 2008 11:31 AM

I look forward to Dan's continuing Guest Star rising on Maher (such as the night he ripped the RightWingNut to shreds). I just hope in the future he aims at harder targets than young, inarticulate Obamaniacs (zzzzzz).

Posted by Andy Niable | March 1, 2008 12:14 PM

I think Dan is great on Maher, and hope he can keep getting hired- but why does he dress like a junior high kid?
Just because you have a kid, doesnt mean you have to look like one.
Or is it some modern day version of the old british school uniform fetish?
Or maybe his taste just solidified in ninth grade, and never changed, kinda like his taste in music?

And the haircut- it would look great on a perky 10 year old. But Dan, you are an adult now- and you can afford to go to a real stylist, instead of use the barber with the Sports Illustrated magazines and hairstyles of the 60's poster on the wall.

Maybe you could ask Bill where he buys his suits....

Posted by Ries Niemi | March 1, 2008 4:02 PM

I think Dan's hairdo is just fine. But a nice dress shirt might look dandy.

Posted by catalina vel-duray | March 1, 2008 5:48 PM

I thought this was a lively exchange of views-- both hilarious and refreshing-- glares between Hitchens and Dan? Completely overrated! They had more in common with their comments than anyone on the show, it was symbiotic idealogical lovefest if anything! C'mon! This episode was pitch-perfect for what it's intended to be, a few people around a pub table talkin' shit about world affairs. Pull yer panties out, this is a good night on the town folks.

Posted by Am I Missing Something? | March 1, 2008 5:49 PM

One more thing: Hitchens definitely stopped at the pub before the pub conversation. And as someone who's had the pleasure of drinking with both Dan and Hitchens (separately), I'll bet money they hit the bar together afterward. Now that would be a conversation to hear.

Posted by Am I Missing Something? | March 1, 2008 5:53 PM

God, Anthony Hecht is a suck-up. God, Anthony Hecht is a suck-up. God, Anthony Hecht is a suck-up. Oh, look, there's my idol. God, Anthony Hecht is a suck-up.

Posted by Elvis | March 2, 2008 6:10 AM

Just watched it on the computer.

I liked Christopher Hitchens.

Posted by NapoleonXIV | March 2, 2008 9:37 AM

I thought Christopher was fine. I did not see why Anthony was freaking out he is a douche bag. Yeah, I don't agree with everything that Hitchen's says (his support of the war being the big one) but a douche bag?

Posted by Andrew | March 2, 2008 11:09 AM

Yeah, where exactly is this douchbag accusation coming from?

Posted by Ken | March 3, 2008 9:45 AM

note to dan: fred perry shirts are not your friend. so '95. stop by blackbird or barneys before you go on tv again. i'm sure you can afford it.

Posted by chris | March 3, 2008 3:36 PM

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