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Friday, February 29, 2008

In the Last 24 Hours on Line Out

posted by on February 29 at 14:13 PM

It’s about more than music, people. Line Out is about night life—drinking, dancing, headbanging at King Cobra.

5 Minutes Wasted: Musical Comedy steals a piece of Terry Millers’s life.

Your Turn to Play Music Critic: Listen to House on a Hill, tell us if you like it.

Two Shows, One Review: Sam Makchkovech hits up Beestings at the Comet and Velella Velella at Nectar.

What Does Miles Davis Have to Do With a Kid on a Ferris Wheel Eating Too Much Cotton Candy?: Trent Moorman brings it all together.

Goody Goody!: TJ Gorton on Dimitri’s Goody Goody remix. Also, there’s a picture of some very nice boobs.

Today’s Music News: A guy from Blur wants in the Parliament, singer of Dave Clark 5 dies at age 64, Amy Winehouse is cleared, and a bunch more stuff you need to know.

Schlager 101: Terry Miller schools you on some Brotherhood of Man and Kelly Marie.

Stage6 Shuts Down: You can no longer get scores of amazing videos via their site. Sorry.

King Cobra’s Grand Opening: The photos! the videos, the dudes with long hair headbanging to songs about robots from the future.

Sasha Frere-Jones on Amy Winehouse: Surprise! He finds a way to make it about race.

There’s a hell of a lot more to read about too. Lots of pictures, lots of videos, lots of everything, my friends. Go check it out.

(Photo by Kelly O from last night’s King Cobra Grand Opening.)

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Awe, it's Sammy, also known as "Little Bummer". What an asshat.

Posted by Joh | February 29, 2008 7:28 PM

Man i shouldn't post drunk. Sorry sambones.

Posted by Joh | March 2, 2008 6:15 PM

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