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Friday, January 25, 2008

Plan B Bill Dead

posted by on January 25 at 7:33 AM

Originally posted yesterday at 7:30 pm

Sen. Karen Keiser (D-33, Des Moines) called me back late in the day (I was heading home on I-5 with my secret lobbyist carpool mate when she called) to confirm that she has indeed tabled her bill to mandate that pharmacies fill Plan B prescriptions.

She sounded personally devastated by the decision, but emphasized that the consistent legal advice she got was to drop it.

The bill, she explained, was complicated by the pending case (filed by a pharmacy) against state rules that mandate Plan B scrips are filled.

I put the word pharmacy in italics because the lawsuit against the pharmacy board rules concern pharmacists, and so, her bill initially seemed to circumvent the issues at play in the case.

However, the fact that the suit actually involves a pharmacy, Ralph’s Thriftway in Olympia, made the case relevant to Sen. Keiser’s proposal and created a dynamic between the legislation and the case, she said, that convinced her to let the court decide the issues without the histrionics (on both sides) that could have impacted the case.

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It seems whether the case is won or lost, either pharmacists will have to comply or some version of her bill will be introduced to regulate pharmacies. Hers was an innovative idea, but I think they're right about the timing.

Oh and Josh- Great job Monday night at the discussion with Postman!

Posted by Jake | January 24, 2008 8:48 PM

Total scam. There's no "legal" reason for a legislature to defer to a rulign in aparticular case. If the legal advise Keiser got was that her bill was unconstitutional, tha't a reason to pull it, but apart from that it is fairly common for the legislature to overrule a ruling in a particular case so theerefore there's no reason to await an anticipated ruling.

She either didn't have the votes, or Gregoire or Chopp told her not to stir up the righties this year, or she was told it was unconstitutional, but this talk of about "tension" between a case and a new law is disengenous.

Posted by Veritas | January 24, 2008 11:21 PM

Hi Guys! Oh give us the plan B already! But yah, I just wanted to say HI, because I'm in SEATTLE today! Yippee!!! I didn't know where else to write. I wish I had more time to visit and actually see some stuff. I've been stuck in the VA hospital performing monkey tricks for the researchers! It was fun. I hope to be a test monkey sometime in the future again. I forgot how much bigger Seattle is than Portland! It is like a real city here! It has been forever since I've had a slice of Pagliaci's pizza! Tomorrow I fear we will be stuck in traffic for about 5 days! OMG! I hate riding in cabs! Why do all cab drivers drive like maniacs?!? I feel like I live back in laid-back land compared to here! It is so weird. The VA researchers rock! The only bad part was when I was a klutz and fell out of the shower in the hotel room and flew across the floor on my ass and banged into a few things. Luckily I did not die as you can tell from this post.

Posted by Kristin Bell | January 25, 2008 2:46 AM

Kristin, honey, we love you too. But make sure the pain meds are out of your system before you try to drive back, okay?

Posted by Greg | January 25, 2008 8:29 AM

Looks like it's time for Plan C.

Posted by NapoleonXIV | January 25, 2008 9:09 AM

I love this quote from the P-I. All of the sudden, the right wingers are singing the praises of those pesky unelected judges. All of the sudden legislation is just a "waste of time" and a "disservice." Heh. Also, I wonder if Dan Kennedy thinks it's ok for Muslim cab drivers with monopoly licenses at the airport to refuse to carry passengers with alcohol or dogs. I wish some pharmacist would force him to take his meds.

"The bill would have required all druggists in the state of Washington to dispense legally prescribed medication in order to renew their pharmaceutical license. 'This obviously runs right into the middle of a First Amendment issue,' said Dan Kennedy, chief executive of Human Life Washington. 'To waste their time on an issue that is before the federal court is a disservice to the people of Washington.' Kennedy said it would be unconstitutional to force pharmacists to fill 'morning after' pill prescriptions if they have religious objections, and called Keiser's legislation an 'abortion lobby bill.'"

Posted by kk | January 25, 2008 1:36 PM

Thanks Greg! hehe. I am actually just weird. I didn't have any pain meds in my system. :) I'm back home now in SW WA. I miss Seattle already. I didn't even get to have a tempah burger from the Gravity Bar! :( boo hoo! And, I didn't get to see the new Seattle library! Darn! It looks amazing in photos! My time in Seattle was pretty fun though. I was participating in research about schizophrenia that they are doing at UW through the VA. They are trying to discover genetic links to schizophrenia. Now my blood is in the national databanks! Cool, eh? Well, probably no one will see this comment, but oh well. :)

Posted by Kristin Bell | January 27, 2008 3:45 AM

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