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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Clinton Backer Pushed False Obama-is-Muslim Story

posted by on December 5 at 11:15 AM

Via The Nation:

The infamous Obama-is-a-secret Muslim smear (repeatedly shown to be false) has been winging around the internet via an email forward since late December last year. As I documented for the Nation, it’s a permutation of a charge first leveled by a fringe figure in Illinois, but has since been forwarded around by ordinary people either out of ignorance, credulousness or malice. We now have the first example of the smear being forwarded by a someone tied to a rival campaign. Yesterday, Gary Hart, the Jones County Chair of the Democratic party in Iowa (and a Dodd supporter) wrote a diary on DailyKos saying he’d been forwarded the infamous email by an unnamed “Clinton county chair.”

In a comment posted in response, the Clinton campaign’s Internet Director Peter Daou, posted a statement from the campaign confirming that the email had indeed been forwarded by a “volunteer county coordinator,” but said it was “wholly unauthorized” and that the campaign was “unaware of it.”

“We are asking this volunteer county coordinator to step down,” the statement continued “and are making it clear to every person involved in our campaign that this will not be tolerated.”

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"Clinton Condemns Smear Tactic" would be the fair headline. that's the action Clinton took.

Like Sen. Cantwell -- they are firing the bad appple. Good.

What more can you do?

Posted by unPC | December 5, 2007 11:41 AM

And we should vote for Hillary again why?

I think we should vote GOP in 2008: I mean it would be GREAT television to watch the total collapse of our society into total chaos. I mean, how often do people get to see that on the scale of our eventual demise?

Posted by Just Me | December 5, 2007 11:58 AM

"What more can you do?" (unPC, #1 above)

I would have thought it imperative at the outset for Democratic candidates to remind their campaign employees and volunteers that they are the Democratic Party. This is the kind of stuff we expect—and to go in reverse chronological order—Karl Rove, right-wing talk radio, and Lee Atwater.

Liberals have put up with this crap for over two decades. If we've learned anything through that period, it should be that, while sleaze campaigning works, it only works for the GOP. While the people say they're sick of it, and while they seem to respond affirmatively to it at the polls, Democratic candidates who stoop to similar levels tend to suffer for it.

Playing the GOP's game has only moved the public discourse way to the right, to the point that there are few liberals in the Democratic Party.

Posted by BD | December 5, 2007 12:01 PM

Exactly, we Dems are the party of the Big Tent, fiscal discipline, and balanced budgets.

Posted by Will in Seattle | December 5, 2007 12:29 PM

Yes, but it's not "playing the GOP's game" per se -- in a vacuum -- that has moved the country to the right. The media climate has a lot to do with it. Attacks on Democrats "stick" (are far more widely reported and used to reinforce familiar "scripts") far more than attacks on Republicans.

Also, the Republicans mostly run their sleaze campaigns against Democrats, while the Democrats run theirs against each other. This is very stupid of Democrats, but it's also partly dictated by the press corps climate. The media provides the familiar frameworks for attacking big-name Democrats, and they try to maneuver Democrats into participating -- and so Obama finds he gets a lot more "traction" from attacking Hillary than he would ever get from attacking Giuliani or Huckabee. (Just like Bill Bradley was a press corps darling as long as he recited their attacks on Gore in 1999-2000.)

Posted by David | December 5, 2007 1:04 PM

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