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Monday, November 19, 2007

How Your Holiday Shopping This Year Will Help the Homeless Find Jobs and Places to Live

posted by on November 19 at 10:44 AM

Strangercrombie, our annual online holiday charity auction, is coming right up, with its great gift packages, feeling of do-gooder warmth, and photographs of people who are more naked than clothed:


In the past, all the Strangercrombie proceeds have gone to Northwest Harvest, which is great and all, but we thought it would be nice to start picking new causes each year and spread the generosity (your generosity) around.

This year, we chose FareStart.

(And for those kindhearted Slog commentors who worried that switching causes would screw up Northwest Harvest’s life: We talked about it, they’re cool with it, we’re all still friends. Plus, Northwest Harvest is a pretty big organization and FareStart is a comparatively small one. But it’s sweet of you to be concerned.)

And what’s for sale for this year’s Strangercromie?

• A several-course dinner for 10, cooked in your own kitchen by ace chef Ethan Stowell of Tavolàta and Union.

• A giant motherfucking 50-inch plasma-screen television.

• A salmon-fishing expedition with Stranger publisher and blood-sport enthusiast Tim Keck.

• And, um, karaoke with beatboxing marvel and American Idol superstar Blake Lewis.

• A “Chris Crocker Tells You What’s Wrong with You” Package, for which Chris Crocker will give you what-for over the phone and mail you a pair of his underwear.

And lots, lots more. So much more, it’s making me a little woozy.

Strangercrombie: Redistributing your wealth since 2002.


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For the post did you just rehash pictures from last year, or are there no other male models in town?

(I dunno, maybe some with facial and/or body hair for once...?)

Posted by UNPAID BLOGGER | November 19, 2007 11:09 AM

Cross your legs, Unpaid Blogger. Photos from this year's photo shoot will be here soon enough.

Posted by Brendan Kiley | November 19, 2007 11:17 AM

I'm shocked and disgusted at the Crocker package. Then again, I struggle to find a time when something regarding Chris Crocker wasn't shocking and disgusting... and smelly, for that matter.

Posted by Amelia | November 19, 2007 11:29 AM

why pay for crocker things when he will send them for free? (presumably)

Posted by Bellevue Ave | November 19, 2007 11:34 AM

I always get a little excited when it's Strangercrombie season. I want that fucking plasma TV!

Posted by Bauhaus | November 19, 2007 11:39 AM

To hell with Unpaid Blogger. You can show us photos of that blonde Asian girl again and again and again...

Posted by Gurldoggie | November 19, 2007 11:46 AM

i'm with unpaid blogger. bring on the lumberjacks!

Posted by brandon | November 19, 2007 11:52 AM

No for real. Those models are annoying. I can already imagine the coked out 2 hour monologue on why Ladytron is "so fucking rad" either one of them is ever poised to deliver.

Posted by Nooooooooooooooooo!!!! | November 19, 2007 12:42 PM

The models are certainly easy on the eyes, but it real life, they're just dorky kids.

Posted by NapoleonXIV | November 19, 2007 12:48 PM

Oh, that's true, they're just dorky kids. In that case, please refrain from posting the in depth interviews you were planning on, and just hit us with a lot more pics!

Posted by Gurldoggie | November 19, 2007 1:01 PM

Hmmm. That kid in the bow tie can come and serve me bon-bons any time. De-lish!

Posted by SDA in SEA | November 19, 2007 1:20 PM

He'll serve you pizza on Broadway, and he's dorky (not that there's anything wrong with that...)

Posted by NapoleonXIV | November 19, 2007 1:29 PM

Cris Crocker's (presumably) used underwear.

Wow. So the winning bidder should get those pretty fast since they'll be in Eli Sanders' apartment.

Posted by Lake | November 19, 2007 1:35 PM

LMAO! @13

Posted by Bellevue Ave | November 19, 2007 1:49 PM

ugh. the models look soo overdone...gaudy & garish in the WORST of ways. doesn't anyone @ the stranger keep up with the paris/milan and the runways of the world (anything beyond seattle's kooky/crummy street looks???)
do something a bit more demure. your fashion photography & styling is in dire need of some reworking and updating.

Posted by ick. | November 19, 2007 2:00 PM

ick. we live in motherfucking seattle. we havent had an original thought (including this one) for years and years.

ick. you are lambasting the same paper that allows charles mudude to comment on fashion. what do you expect?

choose your own adventure.

Posted by Bellevue Ave | November 19, 2007 2:14 PM

Mmmm, Mr. Bowtie gets a big thumbs up from me. Boyeee is fiiiine!

BUT it's the karaoke with Blake Lewis I'm really excited about (and no, I am not kidding). Might have to bid on that!

Posted by Joe Ellen | November 19, 2007 3:39 PM

I'll always regret not getting the Vespa from last year. (And can you deliver to New York? Please and thank you.)

Posted by Boomer in NYC | November 19, 2007 4:19 PM

Pizza on Broadway? Dorky cute boy? My heart, he skips a beat.

Le sigh.

Posted by Phelix | November 19, 2007 10:36 PM

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