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Friday, September 14, 2007

Today on Line Out

posted by on September 14 at 15:40 PM

Samey Winehouse: David Schmader on Amy Winehouse’s Dopplegangers.

Smash Your Head, pt 3: Band of Horses on licensing to, Stealing Batteries from Wal Mart.

Terror Clubbed: Institubes Beats Me Down.

Smith-Ra: The Cure Descends Upon the Gorge.

“Anything for a Blond Dyke”: Kanye West and Ellen Degeneres.

I Can’t Go For That: Hall & Oates’ Fan Club Scam.

Maps of the Stars’ Larynges: Trent Moorman on Axl Rose, Enya.

Sweet: Terry Miller on Lesbian Concentrate.

The Trooper: The Couch, the Bobble-Head, and the Hand Farts.

Appetite for Destruction: Anthony Bourdain and Queens of the Stone Age’s Very Special Christmas.

Best Song Ever (This Week): The Chromatics - “Running Up That Hill”

No Metal Men: Metal Men Reschedule Show.

“Leave Britney, the Beatles, and Sergei Eisenstein Alone!”: Les Savy Fav’s “The Equestrian”

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