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Friday, September 21, 2007

Today in Line Out

posted by on September 21 at 15:24 PM

Speechless: Decibel’s opening night blows Eric Grandy’s mind.

Tonight: More Decibel, Imperial Teen, and No Age.

Pizza Party: The Lashes new video starring pizza, Kato Kaelin, and Hollywood.

Starbucks’ Jukebox: The store will play the new Joni Mitchell all day on Sept 25.

Now With Words: After some sleep, Grandy gives Decibel a real review.

Potty Party: Trent Moorman misses the Flaming Lips show and locks himself in the bathroom.

Flaming Lips Photos: And yes, that’s JZ dressed as a Santa.

It’s as Good as It Sounds: When Joan Rivers met Husker Du.

Black Metal’s Dark Side: Mayhem’s totally fucked.

Terry Miller Regrets: Missing Diplo and SMD but not the Flaming Lips.

Boarder Patrol: Motor might not make it to Decibel.

Speaking of Motoring: …What’s your price for flight?

Disco Warriors: TJ Gorton on Faze Action.


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