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Saturday, June 23, 2007

OPA’s Track Record

posted by on June 23 at 0:42 AM

The Office of Professional Accountability (OPA) has been under attack for turning a blind eye to officer misconduct. Back in 2005, we wrote about Maikoyo Alley-Barnes’ brutal beating at the hands of Seattle Police Officers. OPA investigated the case, and it turns out that they actually sustained several excessive force charges.

Because the officers were not disciplined within a 180 days of the investigation, a clause in the police guild’s contract, the worst they got was a strongly worded letter from the assistant police chief.

The officers clearly escalated a minor incident. What started as an encounter between and officer and Barnes, who had littered on the street, quickly devolved into violence.

Officer Hunt tried to lead [Barnes] to his patrol car to handcuff him, but the subject pulled away. Hunt, who says he has had eight years of wrestling experience, decided he would put his arm under [Barnes], lifting him up. The he would take him to the ground for the purposes of handcuffing. Although Hunt had success with this technique in wrestling, it didn’t work on [Barnes]. The subject turned and faced Hunt, flailing his arms. Hunt grabbed the subject by his pants, and believes he may have also grabbed onto the head of [Barnes] penis, but this was not his intent.

The incident was captured on video, but according to the report it “shows little information.”

This time, it seems like OPA got things right and flagged the officers for their misconduct.

It just turned out to be an empty gesture.

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The OPA got it right, but this is a horrific miscarriage of justice for Mr. Barnes considering the unjustified brutality the SPD unleased on him. I hope he brings a civil suit against them.

Surprise Surprise, we haven't heard KING5, KIRO, or KOMO talking about this case. Our local media outlets are spineless sheep.

Posted by neo-realist | June 23, 2007 9:56 AM

Dear Seattle,

Guess what Mathletes. Since the idea of state sponsored golems there has never been any sort of veritable police policing. You're missing the entire point. You can't do shit (I dare you to succeed in fixing the the first on your block).

Yes, there will be exciting news bits and great gossip but the cops will always remain the cops. Unpunishable, audacious, arrogant, fully prejudiced against anyone who isn't a deputized public servant complete with hardware. Nothing is ever going to be fixed. They still haven't disbanded the (L.A.P.D.'s) Rampart Division and even if they did they would only be replaced by National Guard troops at best. This is not going anywhere and nobody can be bothered to care until the right person gets fucked with. The patient zero of police abuse isn't going to be some black person, no matter how much white guilt a city that is 78% white can muster. If you don't ride on these fuckers every single time - in court, in public, in person -then don't even feign a fuss. Seriously. You're just showing off and that don't do shit.

I dubt it will do anygood but at the very leasdt you could use a civilian watchdog cynical enough to question all the bullshit, strong enough to verbalize the questions in their head and add to that someone who has nothing to lose or weaknesses to be buttoned (that is income property, kids in a Seattle public school, a business). Good luck there.

Civilian Watchdogs apparently come from the same pool that people who aren't smart enough to evade jury duty come from or they come from the same corrupt group that awards no-bid contracts to their homies in Bothell.

This shit's all lit for the camera but there's no real magic gonna happen. Make a fuss but whatever you do, don't make a difference.

Casey Treat's Cool Dad Posturing

Posted by The Dudeman Royale | June 23, 2007 12:08 PM

Of course.
Seattle is a nice, liberal place full of dedicated environmentalists. We have the most progressive tax system and the best schools and a superior transit system. It's Nirvana! We even let people ride bike naked! Cool!

So let's just ignore it when cops beat up or mistreat any of the local citizenry -- it wouldn't be nice to accuse the cops!

Posted by unPC | June 23, 2007 12:11 PM

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