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Dunshee House in Trouble?

Dunshee House—formerly Seattle AIDS Support Group—sent out a vaguely worded appeal for funds today. The press release doesn’t go into detail about the crisis the group apparently faces. It simply emphasizes that despite “enjoying a robust and well attended menu of groups,” and having “reduced our administrative expenses by over forty percent,” Dunshee House needs an immediate influx of cash “to ensure our continued existence for the remainder of this year.”

Why Dunshee House is in trouble when its groups are full and its expenses are down? You guessed it: “ever diminishing resources for AIDS service organizations.”

Full text of the appeal after the jump.

Dunshee House – Home of SASG Needs Your Support

In 1983 men with HIV/AIDS began meeting in living rooms in search of support; and so began what was first called the “AIDS Support Group” and later “Seattle AIDS Support Group.” This organization was among the first to emerge locally in support of people with HIV/AIDS. Its history is as rich and brilliant as the many people that have come together under its roof, many of whom are now gone.

Renamed in 2004 to honor longtime former Executive Director, Susan Dunshee and now in its 24th year, Dunshee House – Home of SASG continues to pilot diverse groups and provide support for those with HIV/AIDS, increase its presence in the addiction/recovery arena and facilitate affirming opportunities for the greater community.

DHSASG is enjoying a robust and well attended menu of groups; with a focused, clear vision for the present and the future. We have been working with individuals and collaborating with organizations to build bridges of service within an ever broader spectrum of the community. We have reduced our administration expenses by over forty percent resulting in a smaller, albeit formidable, organization that will continue to play a vital role.

In light of the current climate of ever diminishing resources for AIDS service organizations, balanced against the ever increasing needs of those who access our services, Dunshee House – Home of SASG needs your support now more than ever to ensure our continued existence for the remainder of this year.

Dunshee House is appealing to you, the community for help. Please be as generous as possible with your tax deductible donation. Know that by doing so you empower individuals to realize their potential to develop and maintain a healthy, well balanced life and by doing so are contributing to the strength of our community as a whole.

Please send your donation in care of Dunshee House, 303 – 17th Avenue East, Seattle, WA 98112. Credit Card and in-kind donations always accepted in person or by calling (206) 322-2584.

Thank you for your continued generous support.

Antony Anderson
President of the Board

W. Kim Holstein
Executive Director

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I am getting ready to call in a donation. But I have to say that I really fucking hate Bush and his insane approach to AIDS and HIV in this country. And yeah, I would like to kick the asses of the barebackers in the gay community as well.

Posted by Yeppers | May 31, 2007 1:25 PM

Damn, I think this is where i get my Christmas tree.

Posted by longball | May 31, 2007 3:28 PM

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