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Friday, April 20, 2007

The Seattle P-I Piss Tape

posted by on April 20 at 14:15 PM


If a bunch of drunken Seattle Post-Intelligencer staffers pull up in front of the Seattle Times building in a rented limo and proceed to piss all over the lawn in order to celebrate the end of the Times vs. P-I court battle, does this uninvited lawn-watering get caught by the Times’s security cameras?

I wondered this when I heard about the recent “day-long, celebratory bacchanalia” that apparently ended in just such a golden shower.

And now I have it on good authority that there is, indeed, a Times security tape of the events in question. I’m told it shows a limo pulling up to the front of the Times building late at night. I’m told it also shows some people getting out of the limo and dancing around. Apparently, the security department is still reviewing exactly how much of the pissing itself was caught on camera.

Memo to the Times: We know you might not want to publish this decency-offending video, once it is fully reviewed, on your own web site. So we here at The Stranger stand ready to assist. Perhaps a copy of the tape could appear in our incoming mail. Or perhaps a digital video file could appear in my email in-box. Don’t worry, we’re old pros when it comes to handling unusual video submissions.

The Stranger: Ready to meet all your piss-video-hosting needs.

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