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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Victoria Haven’s Perspective

posted by on February 10 at 15:46 PM

Tonight the Tacoma Art Museum opens its Northwest biennial. The show is a mixed bag with definite highlights and lowlights. (What else is new about a biennial?) Alex Schweder recreates—in a heap this time—his spit-and-packing-peanuts casting of his bathroom in Rome for the entry of the museum. SuttonBeresCuller put a boat in the middle of the museum, for what appears to be no reason other than to uphold their title as the Northwest masters of the big Koonsish gesture (yes, I realize there is a “stone wave” under the boat: so? somebody help me here?).

But one of my favorite pieces in the show (vying for that title with Jeffry Mitchell’s Turtle Wedding and Daniel Attoe’s Twin Peaks-inspired paintings-within-a-painting) is Victoria Haven’s wall drawing made for the show, from her new Rabbit Hole series. The mysteriously oriented shape is made with colored tape offset by the barest hint of paint, raising the possibility of shadows. This is an object existing in some realm ungoverned by three-point perspective.

Rabbit Hole #4.jpg
An installation view of Rabbit Hole #4 (2007) by Victoria Haven

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Wow! Im sober and that is really trippy lookin

Posted by drone5969 | February 10, 2007 3:53 PM

Sorry to just *cut and paste* from another thread, but my response to Jen 'needing help' about SBC's intervention would just be the same... though I did include a few additional [comments]...

Ok, I'm their 'pimp', so feel free to ignore my biased posits about the sailboat:

Take as given: The title is "Ship in a Bottle."

Posit 1: [with Freudian accent] A sailboat in a museum is not merely a sailboat in a museum. Any reduction and commentary on the 'facts' of the installation ignore the title and the act entirely.

Posit 2: A better reduction would be to explore the notion of 'ship in a bottle' as a metaphor for the 'creative act' and then comment on how successful this piece is under that rubric.

Unfinished Posit 3: A full-size 'ship in a bottle' in a very specific museum space, with a very specific history of art installed there [not to worry Jen, the Chihuly FLOATS will be be back soon], a space with a very specific [read: cloying] maritime design, with extreme limitations of access [read; hostile/proprietorial architecture], with extreme limitations of time and funding, in a city with a very specific nautical history, by artists with a documented history of such acts, and by artists who's work has consistently explored the nature of the creative act, [physical and creative constraints], performance, site-specificity, institutional critique, and spectator interactivity is ______________.

Posit 4: Leaving a fill-in ____________ on the SLOG is a very dangerous thing.

Posted by LAWRIMOREproject | February 11, 2007 12:01 PM

Hey Jen, have you seen the show yet? This post seems like it came right from a press release. Just curious.

Posted by BonnieBelleArt | February 12, 2007 3:40 PM

Hello guys!!!
Best for you :)

Posted by ParisSexHiltonS | March 1, 2007 1:08 PM

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